Random Wednesday Night Thoughts

So it’s Wednesday and this week has been a trip already.

Monday afternoon I turned in my resignation to my bosses. Word has spread around the office. Shock has mostly passed and now the real work begins. Now that the initial tough conversation is over and it’s out in the open I’m getting more and more excited about it!

Tomorrow I have my last physical therapy appointment. I’m still not sure I’m at 100% so I’ll be reviewing progress with my therapist and see if I should continue for a few more weeks. Seriously do not recommend getting rear ended.

I happen to think this is hilarious.

Daylight savings is still screwing with Reese. And by Reese, that clearly means all of us. Holy crap the constant 5 AM wake ups are getting old. And so is the meltdown mode starting at 6:30 everything. But we also can’t forget her all of a sudden love for waking up multiple times in the night…not every night but enough to exhaust. I know the time change was a while ago now, but she was fine prior to that point so that’s the only ting I can think of. I don’t ever remember the time change doing this to Ry when she was little. Pass. The. Coffee.

Andy and I rented The Heat last weekend. Hilarious movie. Have you seen it?

Parent teacher conferences for Rylee are next week. It’s kind of lame, but I am so excited. She seems to be doing very well but I want to know how she is when there’s no parental influence, you know?

I’m cooking thanksgiving dinner next week…I suppose I should get a grocery list started, huh?

So that’s my Wednesday recap…I’ve got a few specific things I want to post about before the end of the month. I’m kind of impressed with myself and my ability to keep up with this NaBloPoMo thing. HEYO!

2 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Night Thoughts

  1. Ot & Et

    I'm proud of you for keeping the NaBloPoMo thing up too – you're rocking November's socks off! ps. Shit, Thanksgiving, I guess I'd better start planning that too…


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