Lean In {to our Virtual Book Club}

What started out for me as a late night texting conversation with TheThread about work and life, poured over into the same type of conversation with Lindsey the next day as we headed up to Portland for the PNWBlogger Holiday Party. From both conversations, I drew the same conclusion for myself: I need some inspiration.

When the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg first came out I was more than skeptical of the hoopla that surrounded it. But during that Saturday evening texting session, Alicia who is currently reading the book, was telling us how much she is enjoying it. Beth Anne recently raved about how much she enjoyed the book. Considering those two reviews from two working moms that I have a lot of respect for, I figured there must be something to it. I decided that Saturday night I wanted to read the book.

The next day, when Lindsey and I were chatting about it we decided that we’d read the book together. Then on Monday, thanks to Twitter, a virtual book club was born.


On one hand I think I’m crazy for taking on one.more.thing. On the other hand I am totally excited about it.

I love being a working mom…I’m wired for it but that doesn’t mean it comes without struggles…at home and in the office. Lately I’ve felt…meh about things. I’m ready to reignite the flame and passion. I’m ready to start kicking ass and taking names again, instead of just checking things off of my to-do list because that’s what needs to be done.

So yep, I’ve co-started a virtual book club…


Want to join us?

The Ladies Who Book Club Details:

Lindsey and I have started a “closed group” on facebook. Between now and Monday November 18, book club members will have time to join the group and introduce themselves then get the book and read the first chapter. On Monday November 18 we will open things up for discussion on Chapter 1. We’ll tackle one chapter a week and use the group wall to open up discussions, inviting other members to join in by either commenting on a thread started by Lindsey or myself or start their own discussion point. Each week following we will begin discussion on a new chapter.

Our plan is to keep things pretty free form. Everyone will likely have a different take on what they’re reading based on where they are in their careers. More than anything we just want to provide a place we can freely discuss the book and how we can apply the principles in our lives.

Sound like something you need in your life right now? If you want to join us in reading Lean In, just click the link and request to join!

2 thoughts on “Lean In {to our Virtual Book Club}

  1. Erin

    Awesome!! I just requested to join. As I said on IG yesterday, I'm nine chapters in with the audiobook and am loving it. It's very inspiring! You fellow working moms inspire me, too, and I often think to myself that I need more ways to connect with fellow working moms who are actually happy to work like I am. Love this idea!

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