Work hard, play hard. Or something.

Oh Thursday, where did you come from? You sneaky bitch.

As you can probably tell from the lack of, well anything, around these parts that I’ve been a bit…preoccupied lately. Last week was straight up nuts–my birthday Monday, anniversary on Tuesday, then crazy work stuff Wednesday all through the following Monday that had me up late every night and up early every morning.

I spent the weekend in this very fun work-play mish-mash. You see, my company was a sponsor of a big outdoor country music festival. As a sponsor, we had a booth. So I was going to be staying/camping out there in a trailer working throughout the weekend. As a sponsor, we also got tickets for the concerts. I used a set of VIP tickets to treat my very best friend to a “girls weekend” as her birthday present from back in December. Friday, after checking in with the booth, we hung out at the trailer just BS-ing {and drinking} the afternoon away. We went to the concert that night {Carrie Underwood!}. Then I worked literally open to close, 12 hours straight on Saturday. Sunday I worked the morning/early afternoon shift then spent the afternoon hanging out {and possibly drinking some more} before heading in to see Darius Rucker.

Work hard, play hard used to be something I said {and did} quite a bit. But holy moly I think I’m too old for that now. Ok, maybe not too old, but at least very out of practice. I’m just now starting to feel normal again.

But you guys? It was so worth it. Getting to spend some quality, not just at a Thursday lunch date, time with a friend. Not just any friend. My best friend. The one that has been by my side for literally my entire life. Sure, like every friendship, we’ve had our ups and downs, but throughout the years, we know we have each other. No matter what. I know people go their entire lives looking for a friend like that, and I was fortunate enough to find mine the day I was born.


B, I hope you enjoyed your {belated} birthday weekend. I will cherish that time we spent together for a very long time.

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