C K Say I Do!

The entire reason we went to Hawaii was because my sister was getting married there! I’ve been wishing/hoping a family member or close friend would have a destination wedding for quite some time because DUH! Automatic vacation!

The wedding was beautiful and I hope it was everything my sister and her husband had hoped it would be.

I originally had about 20 photos of their day to share in this post, then I really thought about it and even though I took the photos, even though they’re living in my computer and even though I edited a bunch of them, they aren’t really mine to share, ya know?

But the wedding and the day was too fantastic not to share so I figured if I’m in the photo or if my kids are in the photo, they’re fair game. So here’s a few shots from my sister’s Hawaiian wedding…

The Wedding Location


The Rings!
{This one might break my rules, but I kind of love this one}rings

Sisters helping the bride.
{This pretty much sums up our personalities…K1 The proper one. K2 The poser. K3 The goof}

Rylee as one of the flower girls.
{My sister chose not to have a wedding party so she had all of the nieces & friends’ kids as the flower girls/ring bearers. It was very sweet.}DSC_0696

A Dad and his Baby.DSC_0090
Ry adores her Auntie.DSC_0093

Playing in the rose petals waiting to head to the reception.DSC_0132

K2 and K3

My sister is married!!

{And two of my best friends}

3 Girls_Portrait

Our Family of Four!family

Sis, if you’re reading this {and I know you are} you were a beautiful bride. You will make a wonderful wife and someday an amazing mother. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day. I’m so happy that I can call you my sister and my friend. I love you.

Oh, and P.S. I’m SO glad you decided to do this! ;-)


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