Birthday Interview Prep

It’s May 1st and you know what that means!

Oh you don’t? Well, it means Little Miss Rylee will be turning 5 years old in 17 more days.


FIVE years old.


This is a big deal, folks.

Back when Rylee was two, I started a “birthday interview” tradition that has been really fun to look back on and see how she’s changed over the years. I have a list of “standard questions” that remain constant and then I always open it up for suggestions. So, this is your chance…if you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask Rylee, leave me a comment here and I’ll include it in her 5 year interview.

And, for funsies, here’s links to her previous interviews. Seriously…her voice at her two year interview kills me dead.

Ry’s 2 year interview.

Three Years. An Interview.

4 Years. Her Interview.

This is something I hope my crazy girl lets me do for years to come!


{And oh yes you better believe I will be doing the same thing with Reese!}

3 thoughts on “Birthday Interview Prep

  1. Mariah

    Ok I have 3….. What makes you laugh really hard? What makes you smile really big? What is your favorite outfit to wear(fashion show included)?

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