Recipe Review: Coconut Lime Chicken

I think I’m on to something here….sharing my recipe reviews on a Friday…just before you {I} do my weekly meal planning and shopping over the weekend!


Level of Difficulty: Pretty simple, really…mix up some sauce, marinate your chicken in it, cook chicken, boil sauce for serving over rice. Doesn’t get a whole lot simpler than that.

What I did Differently: I did a few things differently. First, I used already thin chicken breasts, cutting out the step of flattening {what a pain!}. I also marinated overnight because that’s what works best for my schedule…no way I’m putting this together in the morning before work. Cooking wise, I broiled it instead of pan frying it…I also think it’d be great on the grill. Instead of the chili pepper it called for, I used red pepper flakes…mostly because I forgot to pick up a pepper at the grocery store.

Serving Suggestions: I served this with jasmine rice and bell peppers I broiled alongside the chicken.

PROS: Easy to put together, the meat is thin enough it cooks pretty quickly. It’s a great weeknight meal that’s got loads of flavor and tastes like you spent hours preparing it!

CONS: It did have a bit of a kick to it…not bad for us, but some may not care for that.

Would I Make it Again?: Oh yes. Last time I made this, Andy was out with some friend for the evening. I know this is a dish he’d really enjoy. As a matter of fact…I’m going to put this on the meal plan for next week!

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