A little dream I keep

I have this dream I keep tucked away in my back pocket. I’ve never really told anyone about it, yet I think about it quite often.

I think it’d be a fun adventure to turn our rental house into a bed & breakfast.

I feel like there will come a time where we will no longer need to rent the house out, yet neither one of the girls will be ready to live there.

It wouldn’t take much, just some furniture, really.

With the way the house is set up, it actually lends itself to a B&B set-up quite nicely. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Each room could have it’s own private sitting area. The kitchen is nice & spacious and there’s a big dining room that I can just picture a nice big country table in the middle of.

I love to cook and entertain. I could cook breakfasts with eggs, fruits & veggies harvested right from our own backyard.


Our property is beautiful. I would love to share it with others as a peaceful weekend getaway. A little piece of country living.


We live within mere minutes of some amazing wineries. We’re within an hour of the pacific ocean.

Guests could spend their days wine tasting or hiking or visiting the ocean and spend their evenings enjoying a beverage of their choice while relaxing and watching the sunset off the back balcony that happens to have the perfect view.


People from across the county, who knows, maybe even from around the world, could share their stories with us. Write their names in our guest book. Leave a mark on our lives.


But I don’t know…it’s all kind of silly. It’s just something I daydream about sometimes.

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