6 month mushiness


Today, I felt like I didn’t get nearly enough awake time with you and as I sit here in your dimly lit bedroom, looking down at you sleeping in my arms, I am overwhelmed with love.

I say it a lot but where does the time go. I desperately want time to slow down, but I know that can’t happen. Maybe it’s because I know just how fast years can fly by, or maybe it’s knowing we’re done having kids, but I’m trying to soak up every last second. I don’t want to miss a thing. I never want to forget.


Sometimes, if you wake up just a little too early, I’ll scoop you up, bring you back to my bed and snuggle you back you sleep. The quiet moments alone with you are some if my favorites.

You’re a mama’s girl. And I kind of love it.

You cut your first tooth last Friday night. This weekend you’ll be starting solids. You’re trying desperately to crawl. You can sit up on your own for short periods of time.

You, my sweet girl, will be 6 months old on Saturday.

I have no words that can adequately describe the love I have for you and the joy you bring to this family. Your entire face lights up each time you smile. Your eyes sparkle. People can’t help but smile back at you. You are a little charmer.

You have this face you make…you purse your lips and kind of crinkle your nose. It’s a half smile smirk and your eyes are fiery. You are so full of spirit I have no doubt you’ll be keeping me on my toes as you get older.


I hope you never lose the sparkle in your eyes, even if it does make my hair turn grey prematurely.

These last six months have been some of my best. I am blessed to be you mom. Never doubt my love for you.




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