Taking a Break

This morning as I was comforting a sick kiddo after  I rocked the baby back to sleep for the third time, I started thinking about blogging. Because at 4:15 in the morning, after being up who-knows-how-many times, that’s exactly what makes sense. Only not at all.

I mean…I thought of other things too…like how badly my knee ached from the giant rug burn I got from skidding across the living room floor while trying to run across the house to my crying sick kiddo after being woken out of a dead sleep. And no to mention that looming to-do list and all the things that need to be taken care of before Christmas.

I’m trying to not get overwhelmed by all the things. I’m lovin’ on my kiddos. I’m trying to soak up the family time that I know will go all too fast. Soon, my sisters will be in town and we’ll have all sorts of fun family activities to partake in…and hopefully some eggnog with a touch of Kaluah.

So, with all that in mind, and my aching knee, I’ve decided I’m going to take a little holiday break from the blog. Well, that’s what I’m saying anyway. If I find some time and feel like posting, I will…but I don’t want to feel like it’s just one.more.thing. that needs to get done.

But I can’t very well start my break with my last two posts being downers, so tomorrow, I’ll share what our holiday letter/year in review would have been if I would have got my -ish together long enough to send one out with our Christmas cards.

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