Two Weeks and One Day

Hard to believe it’s already been over two weeks since we’ve become a family if four.

We’ve all settled in nicely. Long stints of sleep are still hard to come by but there’s something about this girl that makes it all worth it. Oh and the midday naps I take don’t hurt either.

Reese is a pretty good baby. Squeaky as all get out, but good. She settled pretty easily into an eating every 3 hours routine, give or take about a half hour. She nurses like a champ. Loves to sleep on your chest. She hates being cold. And completely wrecks her drawers on occasion.

Rylee is loving being a big sister more often than not. If Reese is crying, Ry is right there trying to console her. She loves to pick out Reese’s outfits and on occasion likes to help change her diaper. She’s still mastering the “be careful around your sister” thing. Andy & I have mini heart attacks on the regular.

Reese had her 2 week check-up this morning. She’s already gained a pound since birth putting her up to 8 lbs, 4 oz (50th percentile) and grown an inch to 21″ long (75th percentile). Tall and skinny. Weird

As we continue to settle into a routine, and get more than 1.5 hours of sleep at a time, I’ll be better about blogging. I have so much to share! But for now, you’ll have to settle for intermittent blog posts filled with ridiculously cute photos courtesy of my iPhone.








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