What a trip.

So Friday was my brother (and sister’s) high school graduation.

I haven’t been back in that school since my own high school graduation.

{side note, I totally left high school bitter and jaded and now I wonder how many friendships were lost/how much time was wasted over the years because of simple insecurities.}


It was fun to look through the program and recognize staff members’ names that were still around. Some even spanned the years of my oldest sister all the way down to my brother. {see below}

Turns out, high school gym bleachers are not very 33-week pregnant butt friendly. Because wow. After sitting there for what seemed like eternity about an hour and a half, my hips? They were hurtin’. My butt cheeks? Were numb.

While it was cool to see my brother and sister walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, hands down the very best part of the night was seeing a severely handicapped student go across the stage in his wheelchair, receive his diploma and then receive a standing ovation from the rest of the graduating class.

{Almost makes me think there’s hope for kids these days.}

{And yes, I cried.}

Rylee was super-duper proud of her uncle. To the point of tears. No joke. When she saw him process in? She started crying and couldn’t stop smiling. It was the sweetest thing ever.

I love how much she loves him.

Whoa kid…slow down!

This is one of the many teachers that had all 4 of us siblings over the course of about 15 years. See what I mean? Total trip.

{And yes, apparently there’s a wolverine eating my ass.}

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