The Big Sister Bucket List

With less than 4 weeks to go before Baby Sister will be making her appearance, we’ve been trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible lately with a certain 4 year old that is at just the right age to go do ALL! THE! FUN! THINGS!

When I was newly-ish pregnant, we started thinking of things that Rylee would like to do before baby sister was born.

{Now, I’m not the type to become a hermit once this baby is born, but I’m also not the type to go on a Target run or rafting trip with a 3 day old, ya know?}

So, with that, we developed a “Big Sister Bucket List” of sorts.

We started crossing things off our metal list back in April when we hit the beach for the weekend. Then more recently, when Rylee shot her first bow, we hit up her first Em’s Baseball Game {complete with popcorn, a soft pretzel & local ice cream in a batting helmet bowl!} and took her to see her very first movie in a theater {complete with a giant tub of popcorn w/ butter and skittles!}.


We’ve been having fun. {and eating a lot!}

Other things on the list include bowling – car camping – kayaking – shooting her gun for the first time. {All per the kid’s request!}

We’ve already got plans in the works for the camping and shooting her gun.

Bowling will be easy.

Now, anyone have a kayak we can borrow?

{Preferably within the next 2 weeks? HA!}

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