On the Agenda

It is downright gorgeous out right now. I just had to run an errand for work and I seriously contemplated getting lost on the way back to the office.

While I was driving, I was mentally making a to-do list for this weekend.

Of course there’s the typical things on my list…laundry, dishes, menu planning & grocery shopping, etc…yawn…

But there’s also some other, not-so-typical things on my list…

Brushing your teeth using water leftover from the day...it's just like camping! Only...NOT.

#1-FIX THE PLUMBING PROBLEM! Yep, we’ve got an issue. And not just us, it effects our rental house too. JOY. Country living at.it’s.finest, folks. Typically our water filtration system goes through a cycle every 3-4 days where we completely lose water pressure for about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes an annoyance, but usually no big deal. It’s always done it. So yesterday morning when we lost water pressure before I left for work, I thought nothing of it. Then Andy called me last night, upon beating me home, our renter came out of the house to tell him they’d had no pressure all day long. Awesome. We called a guy…yup, we’ve got a guy for plumbing because we’re cool like that. Anyway, we called him up and he & his family literally dropped everything to come out and help us. They got it fixed. We cheered. Then took them out to dinner as a thank you. By the time we got home? No pressure again. WOMP. Needless to say, our guy and Andy will be back out there this afternoon to try and really figure out what’s going on.

#2-GO TO THE HOMESHOW! It’s supposed to be all crappy and rainy this weekend so we figured to help combat the cabin fever we’d head down to the fairgrounds to visit the homeshow. We have no money to do any renovations but it’s always fun to dream…new patio out back…with a built-in outdoor kitchen, of course. New flooring throughout the house. What do you think about a big pond out back with a firepit? Heck, let’s build a new house while we’re at it! Andy loves this type of stuff and we always pick up good ideas along the way, so why not?

#3-COOKING! My sweet friend Lindsey just gave birth to a beautiful little girl in the wee hours of this morning! So, to try and help them out a little I figured I’d whip up a couple of freezer meals for them. And I may or may not want to love on a fresh baked baby if I get the chance. 

#4-GO TO MICHAEL’S & the thrift store! We’re planning on moving Rylee into her “big girl room” during Andy’s spring break. Well, that’s at the end of this month which means I need to get started on a plan. Her favorite colors right now are pink & orange so I’m using that as my inspiration…but planning things that can be easily changed because I know how my girl can change her mind. Ry has asked for pink bed sheets so I’ll pick some of those up at Target or something. My mom’s making her a quilt and I’ve enlisted her help on a Roman style shade too. I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest and what not, now I just need to put those ideas into action. {That’s 90% of the problem with Pinterest, am I right!?} I need to pick up some pink paint, some yarn, some glue, a couple of larger size picture frames and whatever else I see that tells me to buy it. Here’s some more of what I’m thinking…




What’s on your agenda for the weekend!?

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