Either God hates me or He’s got a sick sense of humor

It’s been quiet around these parts lately…and it’s definitely NOT for lack of excitement.

I swear it’s been just one.thing.after.another.

I wrote a little bit about our water drama here…ok, I was mostly complaining, but…well, whatever. Andy and our plumber-friend were up until 2:30 AM getting the water going. Yes, TWO-THIRTY in the morning. They are nuts. See also: amazing.

Long story short, it wasn’t all the way fixed, but it was functioning. Then later in the day Sunday, after 2 loads of laundry and washing all of the pots and pans something else went wrong and we lost water AGAIN. This time, Andy was able to fix it on Monday evening after work. YESSS!!! So between Monday night & Tuesday after work I did 4 loads of laundry and ran two loads of dishes. I was pretty much doing a happy dance.

Then Wednesday morning, my alarm went off at the usual 5:20 AM. I got up, showered and was headed to the other end of the house to dig some {finally} clean clothes out of the laundry baskets when we lost power.

Now, keep in mind we had just had fully functioning water for a little over 24 hours. And in the country, no power means no water.  {are you freaking kidding me!?}

An unexpected freak snow storm did some major damage to our area’s power supply. According to our power company’s website we should have power restored sometime late this afternoon.

Rylee was all sorts of excited to look out the window and find 8 inches of snow with more coming down!

We spent all day yesterday hunkered down in our house never straying too far from our wood stove, as a family. And you know what? It was so amazing. We played games. We talked. We laughed. With all the water drama happening, we’d hardly spent any time as a family over the last couple of weeks, so this was a much needed surprise.

Sleeping on the floor next to the fire at 22 weeks pregnant was a little less than amazing, but I was thankful for our wood stove so I’m not complaining.

Who knows what this means for the contents of our fridge. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a major restocking of condiments this weekend.

This morning I headed into town to my mom’s house to shower and get ready for work. And apparently in my haste to pack a back {and I use haste loosely, I was in no hurry at all}, I forgot to pack a bra. So yea…thank God for my obsession with camis that have built in bra’s because this could have been way more awkward. {just keeping it real, folks}

Andy and our plumber-friend will be back in the pump house on Saturday finishing everything up, after which I’m highly contemplating throwing a “COME TASTE OUR AWESOME WATER” party.

I’m assuming we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blogging from here on out, but with our luck? I wouldn’t make any bets.

Happy Thursday.

{seriously, how is it Thursday!?}

3 thoughts on “Either God hates me or He’s got a sick sense of humor

  1. mrshiggison

    Oh hun.
    Oh…just…many, many curse words.
    I can't believe this is all going on. And while you're sleeping in front of a fire? We're contemplating turning on our air conditioner. Geography, mang.

    Your husband is a saint, you are a trooper and I'm in awe. High fives to all!

  2. Kelli

    haha. I am sorry, but knowing you, it would have been an awesome/awkward story for no bra at work.
    Andy's pretty amazing. Glad you had fun as a family by the fire. Hopefully power is on later today!

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