Insert Witty “Wizard of Oz” Title Here

Y’all? I’m beat today.

Between a crazy Saturday full of running errands, going OUT{!!!!} to a Halloween Party on Saturday night and staying up until almost midnight {stop laughing}, then getting up a 5 AM on Sunday to go hunting all day and Rylee peeing, yes peeing in our bed last night with subsequent trips into our room every 10 or 15 minutes for the next 2 hours, I am left with overwhelming exhaustion.

Happy Monday?

But, back to the fun. Saturday night we went to a family-friendly halloween party, complete with costumes. This is big people…HUGE in fact, considering in the entire 10 years Andy and I have been together we’ve never once dressed up for a halloween party.

When we got invited I decided I wanted to do some sort of family theme for our costumes. The Flintstones was suggested to me and since I have the cutest little red-head I thought it’d be a great idea! Andy was even on board for it. That is until he remembered…”wait, Fred wears a dress doesn’t he!?” On to plan B.

Since Rylee had already decided she wanted to be a witch for halloween, and Andy already has all sorts of scarecrow-esque farm-wear, I decided we go with Wizard of Oz.

After leaving one St. Vinnie’s store completely overwhelmed and empty handed, I did what any right-minded woman would do…I called my mommy. Then I headed to the fabric store to buy some blue-checked fabric and a pattern and proceeded to drop it all off at my mom’s house. {yep, my mom rocks!}

I made my own ruby-red slippers out of some heels I was about to drop off for donation. Add a little bit of red spray-paint, glue and red glitter and viola! Ruby red slippers.

{That left a trail of glitter behind me the entire night…}

Andy, of course, was totally anti-photo, so this is all you get. It was forced and at the end of the night and Ry had already shed her witch costume. Oh well…

But, we had a blast and as it turns out? My kid is pretty good at pumpkin bowling.

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