The ghost of Halloween Past

Holy crap, I can’t believe I’m about to share this photo on the interwebs. The ONLY reason I have this photo digitally is because a few months back we were having a slide show at my dad’s house {SLIDE SHOWS, do you remember slides?!} and this photo was so epically embarrassing, I had to take a photo. There were lots more that also involved my sisters, but I figured I’d just stick with my own embarrassment today. {Kristen & Kelli, you’re welcome}

Anyway, when Suzanne & Amy talked about hosting a vintage Halloween link up, this was not the image I had in mind. My mom made me fantastic costumes growing up…I was an orange crayola crayon one year, “Jasmine” in pink, Betty Rubble and the list goes on and on. Oh, I was even a troll doll once…you remember TROLL DOLLS!? Crap, my mom even made my halloween costume this year. She’s pretty much amazing.

This year, 1993 to be exact, my mom didn’t make my costume. She was pregnant with my little brother at the time. I’m pretty sure I had just found out. Which it why, as the youngest of 3 kids, I chose to be a BABY for Halloween. Obviously. It makes perfect sense. And I clearly wasn’t afraid of being knocked off of my “I’m the youngest and can do no wrong” pedestal.

You guys? Did you notice I’m even wearing a REAL diaper!

And that haircut? Yea…you guys remember Francis from Swiss Family Robinson? Welp, the entire time I had this haircut, that’s what my sisters called me.

{Thanks for that mom.}

{And would you believe now my sisters are 2 of my best friends!?}

Have any Vintage Halloween photos to share? You should link up with us!

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