From the Garden

I’m not sure if you remember a while back where I posted about how frustrated I was with my garden this year (and life in general, actually)…things just weren’t really going my way.

Sure, it hasn’t been my best year every for success in the garden.  Things are still a little wonky compared to where they would normally be…I have one single watermelon on the vine the size of a bouncy ball. I am still taller than most of my corn, and some of it I’m pretty sure Rylee is taller than. None of my cucumbers or green beans took. And those 3 “Roma Tomato” starts I bought are not actually Romas at all.

But, that’s ok. We got a late start on getting things in. And, if you ask me, weather wise, we never really got a proper Summer at all. So, the other night as I was harvesting yet another bowl of goodies from the garden, I decided that this year didn’t turn out too bad afterall.

I think you’ll agree that it’s come a long way…

And there’s still a lot more left to harvest too. Hopefully enough tomatoes to can a batch or two of spaghetti sauce. A few more artichokes, baby broccoli cuts and sugar snap peas. And I did spy a few bitty ears of corn this morning while watering. Then of course there’s the pears and apples from the trees in the field!

All in all, not a total bust of a year.

Hooray for my green thumb!

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