Rylee’s Recap: Her 3-year Well Check

Yesterday morning Rylee had her 3-year well check…two months late, I know. Whatevs.
Since it’s Summer break Andy took her. That meant I got the “Rylee recap” when I got home.
It went a little something like this…
{Me} Ry, tell me about your visit with Dr. Barstow today. How did it go?
{Rylee} Pretty good.
{Me} Oh well that’s good…
{Rylee} Yea. But… I gotted a shot.
{Me} Oh?
{Rylee} Yea…it hurt me. So… so… and then I cried. But…it doesn’t hurt anymore. And I got a band-aid! But you don’t pull it off, otay? {she says as she wags her finger at me}
{Me} Oh yea, shots do kind of hurt, but they help us stay healthy.  What else happened?
{Rylee} I jumped on a thing. And {as she points to her arm} I got blood pressure. It gave my arm a tight hug. But, it didn’t hurt. And I got a soccer ball! And a penguin book!
I love the way she tells me stories…she makes me laugh.
Here’s the 3-yr stats:
Height: 3’ 3”, 85th percentile
Weight: 32 lbs, 8 oz, 55th percentile

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