Snow Much Fun!

So, yesterday we awoke to snow on the ground. And in Eugene, a whopping 2 inches that’s gone by noon will shut down the town. Normally the snow doesn’t scare me and I’ll drive to work. Normally when there is snow like this Andy’s school gets closed so he doesn’t have to work. Normally when that happens that means I am driving by myself…No little monster distractions coming from the back seat.  So normally, I don’t get a call from Andy telling me that our road is pretty nasty and his 3/4 ton Suburban is sliding all over the road. 
{The view from our back door.}
But Andy didn’t get the phone call that school was cancelled yesterday, so he headed out at 6:30 am like he does every morning, so I got the phone call that our road was pretty nasty, so I decided I’d work from home with the monster because I didn’t want to drive. {And yes, I did get a good amount of actual work actually done}
Turns out Andy’s school was cancelled that day, only the district’s auto-dialer system was down so none of the teachers knew that. So they all showed up. Let me tell you, personally, I LOVE it when my husband drives his Suburban that gets 13 MPG 45 miles one way to work, so I know he was stoked. Despite their annoyance they made the best of it and went out for breakfast.
Within 30 seconds of Rylee waking up so noticed the snow and instantly said “SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!” then asked if we could go play outside. Then about 5 minutes after that she told me she wanted to build a snowman. Then during breakfast she told me she wanted to catch a snowflake with her tongue.
The cute was killing me.
{“What do you mean we can’t go outside yet!?” Like the clippies? We were killin’ time waiting for Daddy to get home. All her choices.}
I told her we needed to wait for Daddy to get home before we went outside because he wanted to play too. After that, she kept trying to trick me, telling me Daddy was home, telling me she heard him drive up and that we could in fact go outside. 
So, when he did get home about 11:30 am, he wasn’t in the door 30 seconds before Ry was getting ready to go out! 
{OK Mom, I got my boots ready!}
To say this girl was excited to go play in the snow would be a huge understatement!
So, we went out. It lasted a grand total of 25 minutes before she was done with the snow. But that 25 minutes? Was awesome.  
We had a snowball fight. 

We Made a snowman. 

And we went sledding.

{This video could also be titled: Where Mama gets Mauled by a Wolf}

Post Summary: Snow Days are fun…especially when it’s followed by a 3 hour nap so mama can actually get some work done! Oh and that Rylee and Andy are pretty much the cutest ever.

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