Not from Yesterday, but Even Better…

This post could alternately be titles: Self Humiliation.

But, one of our family rules is “Laugh Often – especially at yourself”.

Also? You’re welcome.

Rylee has been super into making “pretty hair” where the word pretty actually means “not at all pretty”. She was doing this to me last night and I happened to post something on facebook, so of course my super supportive, ever loving family asked for photos.

Well, I didn’t take any photos, but that’s because I already had some. Better ones. Last weekend Julia and Spencer came over for dinner and after I drank nearly a whole bottle of wine, I let Auntie Julia and Rylee make my hair “pretty”.

Pretty right? I’m almost positive that every single clippie was out of the jar and in my hair. It was super fun to take out.

Oh the things we do for our kids…

Also? If you feel extra bad for me, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sparing a couple of clicks for LMR? Just click the banner below, then once more on the next screen in brings up. Easy as that.

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If you do that favor for me, I’ll be sure to hide all the clippies next time you come over to my house so Ry can’t make you “SOOoo pretty”. :) Unless you want her to, of course. 
Happy Sunday Friends!

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