$H!T! I mean CRAP! I mean…oh eff it!

I have not been known to have the most lady-like of mouths. Actually, there’s times when I have  down-right foul language. There. I said it. And if ya don’t know, now ya know. However, around my chatter box little 2 year old, I really try and watch what I say. Honest.

It seems like there is this “magical”, instantaneous moment when, as a parent, you go from trying to get your kid to say something to trying to get them to NOT say something! For months, maybe years, you try and coach your kid. Say Dog. Say Awesome. Say Pepsi. Sometimes they cooperates, other times? Not so much. Then, just when you think they’re not listening, you playfully tell your husband to “Shut up”. It’s like a bell goes off and your kid hops up and says “Shuyup. Shuyup. Shuyup.” Over and over and over again. All evening long. Then they get creative and say “Shuyup Daddy.” “Shuyup Mom.” “Shuyup Dante.” Then it’s bedtime and you figure, oh, they’ll forget by morning. Then morning rolls around and it seems within minutes of your wonderful, prefect little child awakening from a blissful slumber, you hear “Shuyup. Shuyup. Shuyup.” (why is it always in threes?)

Of course, the aforementioned story is not actually theoretical. By kid/they, I mean Rylee and by a parent/you, I mean me. And, I must also mention that Andy thought it was absolutely hilarious that she repeated something bad I said and not him. He made sure to take note of that one.

I guess out of all the words that have gone into that little monster’s ears, I should be happy (?) that the first doosey was “Shut up”…but I have a crazy little inkling that this will not be the last time our monster decides to act like a parrot.

Also, don’t forget that the Top Baby Blogs listings have been reset. I would probably be better able to watch my language if you voted for LMR…do it. For the sake of the kid.

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