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Kicking Ace

20140110-210034.jpgThis week has been pretty great.

I’ve officially finished one full week at my new job. So far? I’m loving it. I’m immersing myself in all things tech and all things social media. I’m loving the time I’m spending researching trends and topics. Yesterday I was editing website copy. Today I volunteered to prep 3 blog posts and schedule a couple of emails as well…all of which is ahead of schedule according to my 30-day plan.

Andy is out spending time with some friends tonight so after I put Reese to bed, Rylee and I decided to have a “girls nigh in” complete with milkshakes and board games. She went to bed without a fuss, now I’ve got some peace, some quiet and my trusty wolf-dog by my side. Assuming my country-internet cooperates, I’m hoping to tap out a few blog posts for next week and still get to bed early.

Yep, this week has been pretty great indeed.

10 Minute Update-A new Year

This last week has been kind of a whirlwind. Oh who am I kidding, life in gerenal is a whirlwind anymore. However, with back-to-school and a new job, this week has been a special version of said whirlwind.

Ok, I’ll stop using that word now.

I just finished munching some Oreo cookies dipped in peanut butter and have a few minutes before I need to get back to work so I thought I’d tap out a quick update.

Reese has been doing this super fun “I’m going to wake up and start scream-cring anywhere between 3:45 & 5:00 AM and not want to go back to sleep”thing over the last couple of weeks. It’s been rough, but now that Andy is back at work and we all have to get up and going at a decent time, we’re both over it. Like, really over it.  So, we’re working on breaking her of that habit. Fun times. Er, more like tired times.

Rylee did not want to go back to school. I mean, she’s not refusing kicking and screaming, she’s just made numerous “I’d rather stay home and spend time with my family” comments. I’m sure once she’s back in the swing of school she’ll be fine. She’s just about ready to lose her second tooth. I ask her every morning if it’s still there or if she swallowed it while she was sleeping. She only thinks that’s funny about half the time. She’s still digging gymnastics. We just signed her up for another 8 week session.  She told me yesterday that she wants to join Girl Scouts…now it looks like Ihave some research to do.

I’ve officially been at my new job for a week. It’s pretty much as awesome as everyone had said it is.  I’m seriously missing all my old work family and shifting focus from doing all of the things to just a couple different things is definitely an adjustment but…wow. I’m excited about where things can go here. I’m in the process of adjusting to a new-ish schedule. I don’t technically need to be in the office until 8:30 in the morning, but I get in anywhere between 8 & 8:30. That also means I only “get” a 30 minute lunch so I’m trying to work blogging into my new schedule. I’ll get there. Or not. Who knows. Either way, I’ve got things I want to shore from my time off between jobs, but at this point, maybe I won’t? Meh.

10 minutes is officially up. Time for my next training.

Here’s a few pics of some recent things…

Happy Friday Eve.




Here we go!

Last night I finished filling out my paperwork. I made sure the coffee pot was ready to go. I ironed my slacks and even though the dress code is pretty casual I felt weird wearing jeans on my first day, I made sure to choose a shirt that wasn’t too dressy, but didn’t look dumb with slacks. For the first time in ten…eleven…maybe 12 days? I’m not sure, I’ve actually lost count, I set my alarm.

I left right on time this morning. I made it here in great time. I’ve got my hot cup of coffee, my lunch, my paperwork and my notebook all ready to go.

So here we go!


The end of a chapter

I wasn’t really sure if there would be tears or not. I’ve been fine all day…through our office lunch, while I read their card, through the goodbye hugs. But there is something about sitting here, in a quiet office, wrapping up outstanding projects at my half-packed desk that is leaving me on the brink of losing it.

It’s very surreal to think that next week I won’t be sitting in this office. At this spot I’ve made my own. With these people I consider my extended family. After 7 years with the majority of them, it’s hard not to think of them like that. They’ve been through my two pregnancies and child births, loss of family members, the purchase of my property and so many other milestones in my adult life.

They were my first bosses in the corporate world. I’ve been through 4 different companies with them. Worked late nights and weekends just to get the job done. Traveled the country with them.  We’ve done amazing things together. Accomplished so many things.

They’ve pushed me to my limits. They’ve helped me grow. They’ve taught me more than they will ever know.

I’m proud of myself for making this move, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

Where one door closes, another opens. Where one chapter ends, another one starts.

Here’s to the end of one of the best chapters of my life.


I wake up to my alarm…it’s been going off for 5 minutes at least. Holy shit, did I even sleep at all? As badly as I want to hit the snooze button I get up. {minus 3}

Time to make lunch…let’s see…half PB&J, string cheese, chips, water…she needs some fruit. Banana. Check. {minus 2}

Reesie, you need to come sit down while you eat that cereal. Stop running around please. I don’t want you to choke.” {minus 5}

Rylee get up and get dressed. You cannot miss the bus.” {minus 5}

Reese stop standing on the chair…you need to sit on your bum.” {minus 2}

Dante’s food bowl needs to be filled up. Can’t forget his treat. {minus 1}

Today is the last day of school before Christmas…Can’t forget to take the teacher gifts. {minus 5}

Oh, Ry, your Christmas program is tonight…do you want me to pack you a dress to wear?” {minus 2}

As I put Rylee’s new dress, pink leggings and fancy shoes in the bag on the floor my hair brushes against my face. I tuck it behind my ear and look down…my hair is a hot mess and I’m wearing a puffy vest, a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and an old pair of shoes. Hmm…maybe I should change real quick.

I reach into my reserves…empty.


No fucks left to give.

I shrug my shoulders and walk out the door.