Kicking Ace

20140110-210034.jpgThis week has been pretty great.

I’ve officially finished one full week at my new job. So far? I’m loving it. I’m immersing myself in all things tech and all things social media. I’m loving the time I’m spending researching trends and topics. Yesterday I was editing website copy. Today I volunteered to prep 3 blog posts and schedule a couple of emails as well…all of which is ahead of schedule according to my 30-day plan.

Andy is out spending time with some friends tonight so after I put Reese to bed, Rylee and I decided to have a “girls nigh in” complete with milkshakes and board games. She went to bed without a fuss, now I’ve got some peace, some quiet and my trusty wolf-dog by my side. Assuming my country-internet cooperates, I’m hoping to tap out a few blog posts for next week and still get to bed early.

Yep, this week has been pretty great indeed.

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