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Be Right Back!

You know you’re a blogger when you haven’t blogged for 4 days and you nearly develop a twitch.

I’ve got lots go blog about friends…really, I do…just no time to do it!

Work is crazy right now so my normal blog during lunch routine isn’t working because…well, I’m working through my lunches.

BUT….I’ve big exciting stuff happening around here! In just a few days you will see a brand new big girl blog…with my own URL and everything! I’ve been working on it for a while now here and there and I’m just about ready to share it with everyone.

So, fingers crossed, by the end of the week be on the lookout!

Until then…I will leave you with my current favorite photo {that doubles as a sneak peek}.

1 Camera, 2 Kids, 137 Pictures (give or take)

For Christmas, Santa brought Rylee one of those Toddler-tough digital cameras. She thought it was the bees-knees for about two weeks, then like a lot of toys, the “new” wore off and it landed somewhere in the giant plastic tub we call her toy box.

Then, Andy started watching a friend’s boys one day a week this Summer. You might remember “Tee-ann”, as Ry calls him. He’s 5 months older than Rylee and they are the best of friends. Well, he up and found this camera and now it’s like the COOLEST TOY EVERRRRR!!! And every week Kian is over, they play with the camera.

Last week the batteries ran out, so I figured it was a good time to upload the photos from the camera. Some where total crap, others I was pretty impressed with. Some might be good candidates for those super-duper-slose-up guess this object type games.

Anyway, if you have a toddler and they are obsessed with your camera, I HIGHLY recommend spending the $40 to get ones of these toddler tough digital cameras. So awesome. And really, it will provide hours of entertainment for your little one AND you!

I mean really…I get a kick out of these pictures!

On blogging and creeping and new friends

One day a while back as I was creeping stalking reading one of Mandy’s posts, I saw a comment from someone that said they were moving to Oregon. Well, I quickly did some more stalking creeping research and made contact with Lindsey. Turns out she was moving to Eugene so her husband could start grad school. I tried to play it cool but, I’m not gonna lie, I was probably inappropriately excited to learn that a fellow blogger (and a pretty awesome one!) was moving so close to me. We quickly made plans to meet up once they got in and settled.

Well last Saturday Rylee and I met up for bagels, coffee and fun with Lindsey and Otto. We had a great time!

It was great to meet a new friend and nice to hang out with someone who “gets” blogging and that when it was brought up I didn’t get all weird and awkward and embarrassed about how much I actually like love it. (For the record, all my family and friends are supportive of the blog and even like it as far as I know, but it’s different when talking to someone who actually does it too.)

And the kids? Well they were typical 2/3 year olds that sort of played together and sort of didn’t. It was adorable to stand back for a few and watch them take turns pushing each other on the “rocket ship” swings. Then I about died from the cute when they hugged each other good-bye.

I know Ry had fun because later that day she couldn’t stop talking about Otto and telling Andy all about their adventure at the park.

What’s the most ironic about this whole blogging friend meeting thing is that not only did I not take a single photo, it took me 3 days to actually blog about it!
If there was ever a time I should have my blogging card revoked this would have been it! 

But guess what…I kind of like this whole blogging thing and the awesome people I have gotten to know (and now meet!) over the course of the last couple of years.

I’m not turning in my blogging card anytime soon so, too bad for you…you’re stuck with me!

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,
I found this half-written post the other day…
“If I were to say that these last couple of weeks have been hard, I would be making a massive understatement. Shoot, even saying these last 6-8 months are hard would be an understatement. These last couple of weeks, though, have been particularly hard. On Monday, May 24 we lost a very important and integral member of our family.

Grandma Rice
always thinking of others up until and at the point of death. At one point she woke up and gave her typical impatient, hurried sigh and started grumbling about how she hated all this ‘dilly-dallying’ She never lost her tenacity and even made sure to get one last dig in about all of Andy’s cars…junkers as she called them”

Well, I guess I wouldn’t even say it’s half finished. It looks to me like it was all I could get out before I couldn’t write anymore. It looks like I was having a tough time putting into words what was heavy on my heart. 
It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since you’ve been gone. There’s little pieces you and Grandpa left on our hearts and in our home that makes us think about you two every day.
The Jeep you gave us has been a huge lifesaver. But, I hate to break it to you, Andy never did get rid of any of his “junkers” like you told him to! He’s kind of stubborn like that…wonder where he gets that from? 

I see Andy do the “finger-wave” to Rylee, just like you did. Sometimes I see her do it back to him and I can’t help but smile. There’s even times I catch myself doing it. 
Andy still hates broccoli and tea…and really at this point, I’m not sure he’ll ever “grow into it” like you said. That boy is just bound to have immature tastes. 
Your house is for sale…it’s been all fixed up and ready to go. It’s…empty. All the treasures it once held from yours & Grandpa’s life full of love and world travels have been divided among family or sold. 
You had such an impact on all of our lives. Especially Andy’s. The day he had to go to all of your grocery stops without you is something I know he never wants to do again. That was a hard day for him. But I think that was his closure. He always treasured the time you and him spent grocery shopping every Friday…and I know he always will.
Grandma, I guess what I’m trying to say is you may be gone, but you are surely not forgotten. And you will always be missed. Always.