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For the Record…We own guns.

Sometimes, in the blogging world I feel really out of place when it comes to the other bloggers I associate/interact with.

Actually? A lot like this…

Especially? When it comes to…GUNS.

My opinion on guns is not of the “popular one” particularly among the “mom-blog” community.

I really don’t get worked up over many things. I’m pretty laid back. I realize that everyone has their own opinion on different matters and that a lot of the time, they’re not the same as mine and that’s ok. Normally, I just keep my mouth shut, but I read a post the other day, and some of the comments that accompanied it and my blood started to boil.

It was all I could do not to start typing up a frenzy in the comments. To me, the post touched on two very different aspects of guns but wrapped them up into the same category. One being people that have guns that shouldn’t for reasons such as mental issues, criminal past, etc. The other aspect focused on kids and guns and how kids are killing other kids with guns and how many millions of homes in the US there are with kids and loaded, unlocked guns. There was also the generalization that all guns and all people that have guns are bad.

First of all, I completely agree with the post in regard to the fact that there should be a better screening process for someone purchasing a fire arm. Plain & Simple some people should not be able to purchase, or have access to, a firearm. About a year ago a local police officer lost his life in a “routine” traffic stop because the woman he pulled over had a mental illness and fatally shot him as he approached her vehicle. Would he still be here today if the state of Oregon had different screening processes/laws in place? Probably. Should there be some sort of formal gun handling/shooting training required in order to purchase a gun? Perhaps.

And what about that little girl that was recently shot accidentally by a classmate because the kid brought a gun to school? Thank God that little girl is alive and recovering. Is it the guns fault for shooting that girl? Hardly. Is it the little boy’s fault? I would go with a no on that one. When it comes down to it, his parents need to be held accountable for what happened. Whether or not they should own a gun, they do and it was their negligence that harmed that girl…negligence for leaving a loaded gun somewhere a young child could get it and negligence for not teaching that boy about proper gun safety. Again, I agree with the author of the post that there are better ways that we can protect children when it comes to firearms.

So, I agree there are people that should absolutely not have guns, have access to guns, etc. And there are opportunities for better gun laws that would protect children. But, when it comes down to it? Not every.single.person. that owns a gun is irresponsible and unfit to do so.

Guess what? I have a gun. Multiple guns, in fact. Some to be used specifically for hunting {another unpopular topic among the vast majority of mom-blogs}, a few that are just fun to shoot and yes, even one for {GASP!} home defense.

In absolutely no instance are there guns just laying around loaded! In no instance does my daughter have any access to any firearm in our house. All of our guns are locked up in a gun safe. Most, in addition to being locked up, also have trigger locks on them. And all of our ammo (aside from our hand gun) is locked in a separate cabinet. And even though our hand gun is loaded, it’s locked away in it’s own safe. To be honest, to me, it doesn’t matter that one is loaded and the rest are not, because the number one rule of gun safety is that you treat every single firearm as though it’s loaded.

And when the gun(s) do come out? We take every single opportunity to teach our daughter about gun safety. Yes, even at 3 years old. She knows she’s never to touch a gun. If she sees one, she needs to immediately find a trusted adult. When we hold guns,  it needs to be held in a safe direction, away from people. If we’re in the house, or if we’re taking the guns in a vehicle, the first thing we do is make sure it’s not loaded. We never point them anywhere but where we are planning on shooting. We never put our finger on the trigger until we are ready to shoot.

Does this make me a bad person? Would you not let your kid come over to my house and play just because of the simple fact that I have guns in my house?

To be honest, if you told me that you wouldn’t let your kid come over because we own guns, I’d probably be offended. I certainly wouldn’t be offended that you asked, because it’s your job as a parent to keep your child safe, and as Rylee gets older and goes on playdates at other people’s houses, it’s something I’ll certainly be asking. I’d take offense to the fact that if you asked, and I took the time to tell you, heck even show you, that we take precautions when it comes to firearms that you would still make the assumption that your child would not be safe in my home. If anything, knowing that you, and your child, are uneasy when it comes to guns, I’d go above and beyond to make sure everything was locked away, and stayed that way, as it should be as long as your child was in my home and in my care.

For me, it’s not the guns that scare me. It’s the people that have access to them that shouldn’t. It’s the people that don’t respect them. It’s the people that don’t know how to use them properly. It’s the people that don’t teach their little ones about said respect and proper use.

So, there you have it…my unpopular opinion on guns. We might not see eye to eye on the subject, but just like Sandra Bullock says at the end of Miss Congeniality, “…I really do want world peace.”

End rant.


::dusts off my laptop::

Hey Strangers! It’s me, Katherine…you know, the one that keeps up this blog. I clearly threw that whole NaBloPoMo thing out the window…roughly 6 days ago. Oh well. It’s amazing how easily blogging can take over your life. Invade your thoughts and yes, even your dreams. It’s also, as equally amazing how easy it was for me just to turn it all off. For four glorious days I only opened up my laptop twice. And neither was for anything remotely blogging and/or social media related.

So what the heck have I been up to these last 6 days? How was my Thanksgiving?

My long weekend was both jam-packed yet completely relaxing.

Our Thanksgiving was unlike any Thanksgiving I have ever had. It was so quiet. Some of my longtime readers may remember the gathering of my “entire family”. This year, for one reason or another, all the families were not coordinating. And to be honest, we were more than ok with it. We ended up going to my in-laws for breakfast then headed back home. For the rest of the day it was just Andy, Rylee, me and my dad and my younger brother. I made a full on spread. We played games. We ate. We ate some more. It was really, really nice. And completely uneventful.

Friday morning I got my haircut. And, knowing that I’d have cute hair, we also snapped some family pictures before lunch. The afternoon consisted of me editing said photos. And napping. And of course, nothing is better than Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. So easy.

Look, I got bangs!

Saturday was our states big college football rivalry, the Civil War game. My sister is a die hard beaver fan & alum. Her fiance? A die hard duck fan. So naturally, they came down from Portland and went to the game. Her fiance’s sister & brother in law also came down (or up, since they’re from Nevada?) with their 2 girls. I babysat the girls while they all went to the game. I didn’t know quite what to expect considering I had never met them before, but it went well. Rylee and the girls got along great and it was really nice getting to meet some of the “extended family”. We wrapped up the day with pizza for dinner and my sister & soon-to-be-brother-in-law stayed with us that night and we were all in bed before 9:30 PM. {we are such party animals}

Sunday we carried on our standing six-year tradition of wreath making with my mom and younger siblings. Rylee got to participate this year too. She mostly just had fun running around outside while we worked, but she and Andy worked together to make her very first swag. They brought it to me and Rylee & I wired it up and put a bow on it, then Ry wanted to hang it on her play structure. Pretty much the cutest thing ever. Everyone was gone by 1:30 and we wrapped up the long weekend quietly as a family of three.

Oh, hello Christmas Spirit!

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows…we found out that our rental house has a leak in the roof and the brand new flooring that Andy installed in July is pretty much well ruined. He spent a lot of time on the roof located and fixing {fingers crossed} said leak. And, Sunday while we were wreath making, Andy & my dad were off to cut firewood, only to return home an hour later because our suburban broke down on the way there and they barely made it home.

But, you know what? I’m going to go ahead and focus on all the greatness from the weekend and worry about our mechanic’s bill later.

Oh and because I know you’re all dying to get a little sneak peek at a family photo…

So, now that I’m back…how was your long weekend!?

This is how rumors get started…

My sister called me the other day to tell me a funny story.

My sister was talking to a Mary Kay customer of hers (yes, my sis is an MK consultant). This customer of hers is a friend of a friend of an in-law of mine…or something like that. Through their conversation about make-up-y things, they were catching on family life in general.

She asked what Rylee was going to be for Halloween. How old she was now, etc. Normal common ground chit-chat small talk-type stuff.

Then she asked if everything was ok with Andy and me.

My sister, kind of taken aback from this question out of what seemed like nowhere, said, yes of course, why do you ask?

Well, she went on to tell my sister how she was in town recently and went to the new Cosmos store in the mall and could’ve sworn she saw Rylee and me in picutres on the walls. But, it just couldn’t have been us because the man pictured was not Andy. She was confused. And concerned.

And the next time she spoke to her friend, who happens to be my sister-in-law {who, aside from family gatherings we happen to not really talk to} she asked what, if anything, was going on with Andy and I. I guess My sister-in-law just replied with an “I don’t know” sort of answer.

About that point in the conversation my sister laughed, assured her that everything was fine and that dude in the photos was just a model because Andy had to work on the day the photo shoot was scheduled.

Or maybe it was about that point in my sister telling me the story that I busted out laughing at it all…I can’t exactly remember now.

I seriously laugh out loud and just kind of shake my head thinking about it now.

And do think…it was all because of these photos…

I think it just goes to show you…we are very convincing models.

Fashion Police Friday: 9.2.11

So this fashion police post actually has nothing to do with her outfit at all.

As a matter of fact, I think it’s pretty cute. She picked it out all on her own. This was her “run to the hardware store with Daddy” outfit.

But what kills me about this particular outfit is her hair…all those clippies. This girl is bipolar when it comes to her hair. It’s all or nothing. There is no middle ground.

So behold…

This girl? She’s such a ham. I loves her.

In other news, can I just say how much I am looking forward to our weekend. A LONG weekend, no less!

We’ve got big plans folks. Today, we’re bringing in a truck and transfer{!} of rock {that’s a buttload of rock, people} for our driveway and the fencing project we need to finish up before the weather changes. Ahh yes, country living. It’s glamorous.

Tomorrow Andy is going to help his dad clean and organize his garage {most of you have never seen the inside of that garage, but HA!}. While they tackle that, Ry and I are going to go play at a park, hit up the Saturday market, then the grocery store. Somewhere in there I’ve promised her she can paint.

Sunday my sis and her boyfriend {and their new puppy!} are coming to stay. I’ll be grilling up tandori chicken and serving it with some fresh mango salsa, jasmine rice and a big salad. We may or may not top it off with fresh blackberry cobbler. We’ll see.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Happy Friday!!