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Weekend Recap (and a little business)

Let me just start out by saying, what a great weekend! I need more weekends like this last one.

After dinner on Friday, we decided to take a walk outside. The great thing about having 12 acres? We don’t even have to leave our property!
Ry is not the biggest fan of grass in her shoes so once we get to the back of the property where the cut grass is a lot longer, she always asked to be picked up. Daddy always obliges. Mama? Not so much.

Look Ma! I have a blackberry tongue! (Sweet shades, no?)
Daddy and the Monster
The beautiful sunset from the back of our property.
Using the last bit of sunlight for a few minutes on the swing.
Saturday morning, Ry was up at a bright and early 6:45 am. We spent the morning watching cartoons and eating breakfast. By 9:30 Ry and I his the road. We had lots of errands to run– Gas station, Target, Costco, Grandad’s house, Winco and 4 hours later, finally back home. Ry fell asleep on the way home and proceeded to sleep for nearly 3 1/2 hours! I used that time to do all kinds of productive things like…eat lunch, check my e-mail and facebook and start 1 load of laundry. After she woke up we played outside before coming in for dinner and wrapping up the day with a bubble bath. Oh, how can I forget!? While at Target we bought some Dora the Explorer undies and she wore them for a couple of hours after her nap. We set the timer for 20 minutes and when the timer went off we ran to the bathroom to sit on the toilet. She never actually peed in the toilet. Oh no…she waited until she was standing on a chair in the kitchen helping me cook dinner. Oh well, at least she was on the linoleum, right?
“Come one Mom…let’s go outside!”
Sunday was a little less than perfect. Why is it that Ry always decides to be a perfect angel on one day, then a total terror the next? She woke up at 7 AM and by 7:15, she had already gone into her first timeout. The morning proceeded as such and by the time Andy got out of bed at 10 AM I had about had it with our child. He laughed at me for getting frustrated with her and when I snapped back at him that he hadn’t been with her for the last 3 hours he responded with the fact that of course he has no idea what I’m talking about because it’s not like he’s with her 5 days a week. Touche, Andy. Touche.
Later that morning, Ry and I headed to Albertson’s to pick up a few things. I had decided that we were going to make cookies later that day! The cookie making was a successful disaster. Ry had a ton of fun “helping” and made a giant mess along the way. Turns out she really loves peanut butter cookie dough. I wish I had a photo of her chocolatey face after “helping” unwrap the mini Reese’s cups we put in the cookies. After the cookies were done, she took a nap. When she woke up from her nap, we put another pair of Dora undies on her for round 2. This time? She peed on the slate. We’re getting there. For Ry, the evening wrapped up with dinner then reading “White Snow” (read: Snow White) on the couch before heading off to bed. After that, Andy and I watched the Bounty Hunter movie with Jennifer Aniston. (funny movie) then headed to bed. Perfect weekend, no?
Now for the business…
  1. I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done at the current job before this Friday. And, I have no idea what my workload will be like once I start my new job. So, I may be taking a little time off from the blogging to help ease the stress. Or? Another likely scenario is I will be blogging more to cope with the stress…we shall see. Moral of this story is: don’t be surprised if I don’t post as much in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Mine and Andy’s 5th anniversary is thie Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th…ooo-oohh. Spooky. Ok, not really. But, if you have any fantastic ideas a a fun date we could go on, I am all ears! Please?
  3. I have added a new feature to the blog. It’s called “Intense Debate”. It basically makes commenting on the blog a lot easier. No more annoying word verification junk. So, feel free to comment.
  4. Of course, I can’t forget to remind you to click twice to vote for me on Top Baby Blogs. I am currently on the 4th page…anywhere between #86 and #93. Top 100! Awesome, right? You can actually vote every 24 hours…you know, in case you were wondering.
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And, with that, I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

$H!T! I mean CRAP! I mean…oh eff it!

I have not been known to have the most lady-like of mouths. Actually, there’s times when I have  down-right foul language. There. I said it. And if ya don’t know, now ya know. However, around my chatter box little 2 year old, I really try and watch what I say. Honest.

It seems like there is this “magical”, instantaneous moment when, as a parent, you go from trying to get your kid to say something to trying to get them to NOT say something! For months, maybe years, you try and coach your kid. Say Dog. Say Awesome. Say Pepsi. Sometimes they cooperates, other times? Not so much. Then, just when you think they’re not listening, you playfully tell your husband to “Shut up”. It’s like a bell goes off and your kid hops up and says “Shuyup. Shuyup. Shuyup.” Over and over and over again. All evening long. Then they get creative and say “Shuyup Daddy.” “Shuyup Mom.” “Shuyup Dante.” Then it’s bedtime and you figure, oh, they’ll forget by morning. Then morning rolls around and it seems within minutes of your wonderful, prefect little child awakening from a blissful slumber, you hear “Shuyup. Shuyup. Shuyup.” (why is it always in threes?)

Of course, the aforementioned story is not actually theoretical. By kid/they, I mean Rylee and by a parent/you, I mean me. And, I must also mention that Andy thought it was absolutely hilarious that she repeated something bad I said and not him. He made sure to take note of that one.

I guess out of all the words that have gone into that little monster’s ears, I should be happy (?) that the first doosey was “Shut up”…but I have a crazy little inkling that this will not be the last time our monster decides to act like a parrot.

Also, don’t forget that the Top Baby Blogs listings have been reset. I would probably be better able to watch my language if you voted for LMR…do it. For the sake of the kid.

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Isn’t the tag line for Cap’n Crunch “Crunchatize Me, Cap’n”? If not, then that is about the dumbest post title. Ever.
Anyway, it seems funny to me that my 2-year old loves cold cereal. The obsession came when she saw me eating cereal with my straw bowl and wanted to try it. She’s been hooked ever since. She had some cereal the other morning and I wasn’t paying much attention. But, when she said she was all done and I looked down, I noticed she had ate ALL the crunch berries out of her cereal. What a little monster!

9 Reasons I love Being a Mom…in pictures

And yes, even this…

All in all, this was a picture perfect afternoon. Being a mom rocks my socks. Happy Mother’s Day to ME!