Lemon Cello: In Photos

by katherine on January 5, 2011

While you’r reading this post, I will be flying across the United States on my way to Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2011 Archery Trade Show. Indianapolis in January. Fun Stuff. ************************* So, I had this grand idea to make lemon cello to bottle and use them as gifts for Christmas this year. I succeeded…partially. I […]


I may be incriminating myself here…

by katherine on July 22, 2010

But seriously? I don’t care. The photos from Julia’s wedding are finally avaiable to view online! I guess technically, they have been for a week now, but I’ve been to busy to post about it. Anyway, turns out it took so long for them to post them because there were over 1,000 photos to go […]

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Growing Up Sucks…but in a good way. Really.

by katherine on July 5, 2010

Well, another 4th of July is on the books. As I was driving home at 10:00 PM, leaving the party early because Ry was ready to go home, I couldn’t help but think about how my 4th of July’s used to be. I’ve been going out to the Clark’s Independence Day bash for a while […]

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A Range of Emotions!

by katherine on June 28, 2010

Get Ready. You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll get a good sense of all the emotions I felt the day my best friend got married. It was a beautiful day. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures. Rylee was great all through the ceremony (I was imagining her yelling “HI MOM!” the moment she […]

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Beautiful Bride-to-be

by katherine on June 6, 2010

My very best friend in the whole world is getting married in 20 days. TWENTY DAYS people! I am beyond excited for her and her soon to be hubs and so happy to be a part of the wedding. Yesterday we threw her a bridal shower. By we, I mean the other bridesmaids, her mom […]


Wicka-Wicka Wha?

by katherine on April 10, 2010

When Andy was little (like 7), his parents bought him the Rapman Keyboard complete with a microphone, rap beats, scratch pad and drums (I like to joke and call it the Rapmaster 5000). In Andy’s true almost-a-hoarder-like fashion, he kept the Rapman…and in mint condition too! I totally made fun of him for still having […]


Rylee is ONE!

by katherine on July 10, 2009

Well, she’s older than one now, but I have been VERY bad about posting…obviously since my last post was before Rylee’s birthday. We have taken quite a few photos in the last month and a half and I have some definite catching up to do. I will try my very best! I will start with […]

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