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10 minute update

It’s not even 9 pm and I’m ready to pass out. The crazy thing is I’m the only one awake right now. The quiet does things to my mind. Like sometimes makes me want to tap out a quick post from my phone. I love the quiet. I crave the quiet.

Ry has her first tball game tomorrow night. Her uniform is tye-died. Go figure. She seriously loves it. Double go figure. It’s supposed to be almost 80 degrees. Heck. Yes. I’ll report back later on how the game went and how the season has gone so far. That’s a post for when I’m at a computer.

Reese is Reese. Kicking butt with talking and continuing to blow my mind with early potty training.

Andy has begun turning the brick building next to our house into a workshop for himself. We call it the brick house because it is the original home/milking house on the property and well, it’s made a brick. It’s previously just been a catch all for our outdoor shit. He’s pretty excited about it and I’m happy he will have a space to tinker/build. I’m now just wondering why we didn’t do it sooner. I foresee him spending many hours in there…especially if baby number three is another girl. Ha.

I’m good. Just…tired. And my 10 minutes is up.

No one in our house slept worth a damn last night. Here’s hoping tonight is better!


Oh by the way…

I’m pregnant.

Yup. It’s true.

And I know you’ve got all sorts of questions (everyone has) so to save on time, and since I’m clearly lacking any sort of creativity with this announcement, I thought I’d lay it all out there in FAQ form.

But wait…I thought you said you guys were done after two. Yup. We did. Funny how those things work out, hey? With the utmost respect for my husband, our uh bedroom life, and my friends struggling with infertility I will not go into details on how it happened but just know that yes, an “accidental third pregnancy” is a thing that can happen.

When are you due? October 4th.

But isn’t that like…a week after my sisters wedding? Yes. Please refer to FAQ number one.

So that means you’re how far along already? 15 weeks. Insane I know. I’m having a hard time keeping track of it myself…probably because I mostly just keep forgetting I’m pregnant in the first place. Thank goodness for my phone lighting up and telling me every time we start a new week.

Geez already!? So are you going to find out it it’s a boy or a girl? Duh! I’ll make that appt during my 16 week appt next week. Early to mid May maybe? {Update: Ultrasound appointment has been made for Monday, May 12!!}

Oh I bet you’re hoping for a boy! First off, sure yes, a boy would be great. But girls are pretty awesome too…I would know I already have two of them. And with our track record I’m assuming number three will be a girl as well and I won’t be any more or less disappointed one way or the other.

Well at least you still have all of your baby stuff... Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahah…once again please refer to FAQ number one. We do have some stuff. And a lot of the other stuff I gave to family members and I’m able to temporarily borrow it back. But we will have some holes to fill in.

So are you excited? Well I won’t sit here and tell you I was jumping up and down the day I found out…my reaction was more that of somethings a truck driver or sailor would say followed by wanting to burst into tears and/or laugh hysterically and/or barf…and not from morning sickness. Once the initial shock wore off and we crunched our budget numbers and we got more used to the idea of…gulpthree kids we came to realize that it’s all good. Excited? I don’t know…maybe that’s not quite the right word. But it will be an adventure for sure!

I’m pretty sure we need to start buying lottery tickets.

I was afraid this would happen…

I don’t even know where to start with this.

Hai. Hello.

Clearly it’s been a while. And you know what? I’m not really that sad about it. Maybe that’s a sign?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that my new job is pretty dang awesome. I really do love it. But I’m literally glued to my computer/social media all day {no really, I literally have Gunnar glasses – computer glasses for techies} so at the end of the day, I don’t really feel like doing that any more. Plus the whole, having time to blog at night? Ha. HAHAHAHHA. Yea right.

I don’t bring my own computer to work anymore…which is fantastic for my neck & shoulders, but again, kind of inhibits the whole “keeping up on blogging” thing.

So I’m really enjoying my time away from my phone and computer when I’m at home with the fam…ok, total honesty here, maybe not ALL of my time becauseOMGthewhining!

Life is moving right along…let’s see…

Rylee is kicking ace in school. She recently had a reading challenge, Kinders’ goal was 150 minutes in 13 days…Ry blew it out of the water reading over 280 minutes! She lost her second tooth. We’ve signed her up for T-ball. She got her first pedicure.


Reese is as feisty as ever. She’s saying more and more words. She’s still all about the ear tugging when she’s tired but she hates snuggling/rocking at bedtime. She’s starting to show interest in potty training {WOOT!}. And she still out-eats her big sister most nights.


Andy is officially on spring break starting today! The guy totally deserves a break but he’ll be busy with all the springtime property work like pruning, wood splitting, mowing, working on the chicken coop, etc etc etc. When he’s not working outside, he’s raging war against the random ants that have decided to show up and various places in our house.

The sun has been shining and the longer nights means we’ve been spending more time outside. Also known as: country living perfection.


And so the cycle goes.

To quote the Lego movie… everything is awesome!

Heads up though? No promises I’ll be back on any consistent basis.

Do Not Disturb

Between my last day at Cosmos and my first day at my new job I had 12 days off…well, 11 if you count the one day I went back into Cosmos to help with “orientation” for my replacement. A few things to note about my time off…a) I’ve never taken time off over the holidays. b) I’ve never taken time off between jobs…last time I left a job for another my last day was on a Friday and I started the new gig on Monday. c) Andy & I have never had more than a long weekend off together, not counting my maternity leave. and finally d) I’ve never had that much time off. Period.

I’m not going to lie, I was really looking forward to the time off. Not only because I wasn’t going to be stressing about work or stressing about the holidays, but because I was truly, genuinely excited to spend so much time with my family at home.

There were many times over the course of those 12 days where I found myself leaving my phone in another room…sometimes hours at a time. Not caring one bit that I was disconnected. At times, I even put my phone on Do Not Disturb. It was so amazing to step away, completely guilt free.

It ended up working out where a few days over my time off the girls either went to daycare or spent a day with their grandparents. We took that time together to work on projects around the house and property. We made major progress on our chicken coop. When some people heard that’s how we were going to spend our time as “just us” they joked about how boring and practical we were. In reality, I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do. Before we had kids, we used to work on projects, both big and small, all the time. We would spend hours outside. It’s something we loved to do and often talk about how we look forward to being able to do those things again when the girls are older and a bit more independent.

I could feel the stress melting away. I could feel myself relaxing. We spent time as a family. We spent time with friends. We laughed a lot. We prepped for the holidays. We knocked a bunch of projects off of the ever-growing to-do list. We organized. We purged. We cleaned. Together.

I ended my vacation with a clean and organized house, completely revived and ready to take on a new year and a new adventure.

My new job comes with 5 weeks of paid time off to use over the next year. I’m already looking forward to using some of that time just like I did.

10 Minute Update-A new Year

This last week has been kind of a whirlwind. Oh who am I kidding, life in gerenal is a whirlwind anymore. However, with back-to-school and a new job, this week has been a special version of said whirlwind.

Ok, I’ll stop using that word now.

I just finished munching some Oreo cookies dipped in peanut butter and have a few minutes before I need to get back to work so I thought I’d tap out a quick update.

Reese has been doing this super fun “I’m going to wake up and start scream-cring anywhere between 3:45 & 5:00 AM and not want to go back to sleep”thing over the last couple of weeks. It’s been rough, but now that Andy is back at work and we all have to get up and going at a decent time, we’re both over it. Like, really over it.  So, we’re working on breaking her of that habit. Fun times. Er, more like tired times.

Rylee did not want to go back to school. I mean, she’s not refusing kicking and screaming, she’s just made numerous “I’d rather stay home and spend time with my family” comments. I’m sure once she’s back in the swing of school she’ll be fine. She’s just about ready to lose her second tooth. I ask her every morning if it’s still there or if she swallowed it while she was sleeping. She only thinks that’s funny about half the time. She’s still digging gymnastics. We just signed her up for another 8 week session.  She told me yesterday that she wants to join Girl Scouts…now it looks like Ihave some research to do.

I’ve officially been at my new job for a week. It’s pretty much as awesome as everyone had said it is.  I’m seriously missing all my old work family and shifting focus from doing all of the things to just a couple different things is definitely an adjustment but…wow. I’m excited about where things can go here. I’m in the process of adjusting to a new-ish schedule. I don’t technically need to be in the office until 8:30 in the morning, but I get in anywhere between 8 & 8:30. That also means I only “get” a 30 minute lunch so I’m trying to work blogging into my new schedule. I’ll get there. Or not. Who knows. Either way, I’ve got things I want to shore from my time off between jobs, but at this point, maybe I won’t? Meh.

10 minutes is officially up. Time for my next training.

Here’s a few pics of some recent things…

Happy Friday Eve.