It’s the last Fri-Yay of the year!

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve turned out a FriYay post, but I had a good run there for a while. Actually, we’ll go with good-ish. But when I logged into my dashboard this morning to mark some comments as spam, I realized today is Friday. And the last Friday of the year.

Awesome things from this week-ish…

1. I got to have lunch with a couple of old coworkers. One of which moved to California and was home just for the holiday break. It’s always fun to catch up with old friends!

2. Andy started framing part of the wall for my office! Yay!

3. I guess Christmas was technically earlier this week, wasn’t it. That was pretty awesome. Cooking Christmas morning brunch with my dad has definitely become a highlight for me.

4. When we lost power for 5 days, that was less than awesome, but what was so great was all of our friends and family that offered up their homes for showers and hot meals and even places to crash if we needed it. I ended up spending a lot of time at my Dad’s house during that time so I could shower and work.

Photos from the week…

Part of a wall! Operation convert part of the garage into an office/guest room is a go!

We ended up at my Dad’s house on Sunday, the week before Christmas. I snuck this sweet photo.

Julia and I ran a 5k race in 26 degree weather to kick off her birthday. We both ended up with 3rd place in our age brackets. HEYO!

My dad and I making brunch on Christmas morning.

Sweet niece snuggles on Christmas day! I had drool spots on my top the rest of the day, but it was worth it!

I really really love my new coffee mug.

Things I’m looking forward to next week…

1. Tomorrow night we are headed to some friends’ house for dinner. I doubt we’ll stay there to ring in the new year, but it’ll be fun to hang out with them for a while anyway!

2. I leave on Wednesday for a 5 day trip to Texas. It officially kicks of show season for me which means I’ll be gone a week at a time every other week for all of January and half of February. That’s less something I’m looking forward to, and more just something that’s happening.

3. Taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations.

4. Going hiking with my sister, cousin, best friend and her cousin tomorrow morning! We heard that the butte may be closed due to those ice storms we had recently so we need to check on that first. If it’s closed, we may just end up somewhere drinking mimosas. Either option sounds like a winner to me!


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