Random Thursday Night Ramblings

It’s not yet 8:30 and my teeth are brushed, face is washed, my pjs are on and I’m in bed. It’s not that I’m tired and ready for bed. I’m just too tired to do anything productive around the house. Reese is in bed and Andy and Rylee are still at some friends house that we had dinner at tonight so I’m enjoying the quiet with no tv on.

So I figured I’d grab the iPad and tap out a quick post until I was tired or Andy and Ry got home.

Earlier today I got an email from the Tball coordinator for Rylee’s school. This Tuesday is Tball skills assessment at 5:30 PM. They say it should last about an hour. It hit me at that point…we’re officially getting into what I have actively avoided all school year. Organized activities on a weeknight.


I feel like I barely have my shit together well enough on a good night to get the girls home before 6 PM and dinner on the table by 6:30 without getting completely overwhelmed by an amped up and sassy almost 6 year old and/or a whiney 20 month old that only wants to be held. How are we going to add in just one.more.thing. We’ll get it figured out, I’m just not looking forward to the learning curve.

I just realized today that the beginning of April is next week. Which means Easter is about three weeks away. Which means our second annual Easter egg hunt is about 3 weeks away. Last year we stuffed around 500 eggs for kids and adults. I need to start shopping and we need to get to stuffing! I suppose I should also get the evite sent out.

I also just realized today that earlier this month marked seven years of being on our property! What a crazy ride it’s been so far.

This weekend the girls and I are headed to a bridal shop with my sister and some of her other bridal party to pick out dresses for her wedding! We did gown shopping a couple of weeks ago. Fingers crossed Reese cooperates well enough and doesn’t terrorize the entire place.

Gosh it’s hard to come up with things to type out anymore…Andy and Ry still aren’t home, but I’m officially tired. So…happy Friday eve…here’s hoping Reese sleeps past 5 am tomorrow!

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