Some nights he cooks dinner. Most nights I do.

Some nights I put the little one to bed. Most nights he does.

Sometimes I bring in firewood. Most times he does.

Some mornings he gets up with the girls. Most mornings I do.

Some nights I make sure the girls are tucked in before we go to bed. Most nights he does.

Some mornings I get up to let the dog out. Most mornings he does.

Some nights he picks up the girls. Most nights I do.

Some days we work on house projects together. Most days he’s working on the project and I’m wrangling children.

Sometimes I do the laundry, dishes and vacuuming. Sometimes he does.

Some days we both give 50/50. Most days it’s not that simple.

Some days he gives 80. Some days I give 20.

Some days it’s the other way around.

Sometimes it’s exhausting. Sometimes we don’t have a choice.

This is life.

This is life with a true partner.

Some nights no matter how badly I just want some quiet alone time to write, he wants some company. And so I turn off my computer.

It all averages out to 50/50 in the end. But that’s what marriage is all about right?

Every day I’m thankful that he is my partner in life.


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