Short Work Weeks

I swear every time there is a short work week due to a holiday is the slowest, yet busiest week ever. Like, I’ve packed so much work crap into these last three days I feel like it should be Friday.

I’m literally the last person left in the office. And I’m the one quitting in a month.


Not to mention I didn’t even get everything done that I needed to so I’ll be working on a few projects from home on Friday. Stupid deadlines and stupid work ethic.

So much for my long weekend. Womp.

Any other working women out there feel the same way about short work weeks?

I however, am fully planning on enjoying my day tomorrow. We’re not going anywhere. We aren’t even eating until 5:30 at night. It should be a pretty quiet, leisurely day home with my little family and I cannot wait.

I’ll be back tomorrow because NaBloPoMo and dammit I’ve made it this far, I’m not about to quit now!

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