Reese’s One Year Photos…3 months later

So, after picking up Reese’s “school pictures” when I dropped her off at daycare this morning {and laughing my arse off because they are epically bad}, I  decided to pull the flash drive out of my bag that has all the pictures from Reese’s “One Year” Photo Shoot we had done…you know, back at the end of July. I’ve only looked at them a couple of times. Andy hasn’t even seen them. Considering those two things, I clearly haven’t shared them on the blog either. Until now, of course.

 EYES!!!rice003That smirk…it is so…Reese2013-07-271 Of course we had to get a few of the girls together…2013-07-272And of course we had to snap a few of my sweet little ham bone… 2013-07-273 This girl…such a skeptic…2013-07-274 I sure do love these girls…2013-07-275And one with the binkie…because obvious things are obvious.rice053

Confession: I didn’t really love them the first time I looked at them. I was bummed we couldn’t get her to smile in a single picture. But after looking at them again, I realize this is Reese to a T. These are her “looks” and I’m so glad we were able to capture them. AND THOSE EYES! Now? I can’t stop looking at them.

P.S. A post about the school photos will be coming!

P.P.S. All photos by Kristen Moss Photography.

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