Scenes from the Weekend

Oh man friends, last weekend is exactly what I needed…not only was it picture perfect, it was in fact, perfect all the way around.

I kicked off the weekend with a girl’s night at a winery down the road from my house. Good food. Good friends. Good wine. Win-win-win.


The girls slept in until almost 7 AM Saturday morning! It was glorious! We also had a good lazy, snuggly morning reading books while we waited for the clouds to burn off.


Once the sun finally decided to show up we headed outside! Andy was working on the chicken coop and the girls and I just spent some time enjoying our property.



The chicken coop is SO close to being chicken ready. We probably won’t get chickens until the spring, but we’ll be ready! It’s been fun to see this whole thing come together…Andy had a vision for what he wanted to build. I’m always impressed with his skills. Handy Andy. He’s mine.


The girls have also been enjoying this process. Rylee has helps with a lot of the process, actually. Once it’s all done, I think I’ll put together a blog post on it.


We spent Sunday much the same way. The girls and I hit the grocery store while Andy continued work on the coop. Then Rylee went to spend the afternoon with my sister. While Reese napped, I worked on the coop with Andy. I love working on projects with him. We used to do it all the time before we had kids, nowadays it’s less frequent, but I always love it when I get the opportunity.

We ended the weekend eating dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. And eating cookies and ice cream. :)

How was your weekend?

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