Weekend Happenings

You know those weekends that are so perfect you don’t want them to end? Yea…THAT.

That was my facebook status Sunday evening and it was oh-so true. The weekend was great. So great.

While it didn’t start out quite like we had originally anticipated, as in, our weekend plans completely changed, it worked out so well.

We got the news on Friday afternoon that our washing machine was beyond repair, meaning “Shopping for a new washing machine” was officially at the top of our agenda. There was also a Costco trip as well as a stop at our everyday grocery store that we needed to throw in. We got all that taken care of Saturday morning and were home before lunch!

The girls and I hung out for the afternoon {where hung out means I slow cooked ribs on the grill.} while Andy went and bought supplies for our chicken coop. Then we had friends over for a BBQ…hence the ribs. The kids ran around outside looking for bugs. The guys played a few games of donkey balls ladder ball. Reese loved hanging out in the grass watching everything. Good friends. Sunshine. Good food. And an adult beverage. It was a blast.


We topped the evening off by having a “campout” in our living room with Rylee.

Sunday morning was lazy. Many games of peek-a-boo were played among sisters while Andy and I watched as our hearts turned to mush. We weren’t really up and moving until 11 or so. After that it was go-go-go. Andy was working outside on the tractor and such. While Reese napped, Rylee and I got a head start planning her birthday party. {She’s decided on Angry Birds, in case you were wondering.} After lunch Ry headed out to work on the tractor with Andy. Reese & I headed into town where we hit up Target for exciting things like dog food and vitamins. Then we went to Bi-Mart and I spent some time {and money! HOLY CRAP I always forget how much flowers cost} and picked up some flowers for my raised bed. After we got home we spent the next couple of hours outside planting.



Not being able to do laundry and having your dinner guests from the night before clean your kitchen really opens up the agenda.

Dinner was easy and so good. Tortellini, chicken and pesto. I always forget how much I love tortellini and pesto {both individually and together}. I need more of both of those things in my life. Turns out Reese feels the same way about tortellini…homegirl couldn’t shovel it in her mouth fast enough.

Kids were in bed, the TV was turned off and Andy & I were passing out by 9 PM. Great weekend.

How was yours?

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