Rylee’s First Haircut!

Even though I know it’s bound to happen {it’s in the kid rule book or something} I don’t ever want to be accused of favoring one child over the other. Posting more photos of one, or missing major milestones…like I said, it’s bounty happen BUT remember that time a few months back Rylee had her first haircut? Well…official haircut, because I don’t count me trimming her bangs when she was 2 as counting. I took her to my hair stylist. We talked it up for a couple of weeks prior. She totally loved it. {For the record, if you live in my area and need a great recommendation for a new stylist? Go see Amanda at Bloom Hair Studio!}

Anyway…photo proof! {only two-ish months late}


It tickles!!

20130423-105930.jpgShe did ┬ásuch a great job of sitting still and listening to Amanda.20130423-105949.jpg20130423-110009.jpgReese & Mama Cheesin’ it up…20130423-151414.jpg

All done!!


Up next? Ear piercing for her 5th birthday!


One thought on “Rylee’s First Haircut!

  1. Valerie

    She has such beautiful hair! Of course I'm partial to red heads (married to one). I admit to being a little bummed that neither of my girls got their daddy's red hair. :)


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