4 point 5 and 4 months

Girls…my sweet girls.

Please do your mama a favor. Just stop.

Please stop growing. My mama heart can’t take it.

Rylee…you are so excited to be 4 and a half that you’re telling just about everyone you come in contact with. You even wondered why we didn’t throw a party to celebrate. The other night you chose steamed cauliflower over steamed broccoli. Your favorite meat is still venison, though you love a good steak. You’re a sensitive one…most recently, you cried at the end of Free Willy because you were so happy he was free, but sad that his friend wouldn’t get to see him anymore. Art is still one of your favorite past times and lately you’re really into “making books” and “filling our paperwork”. You’ve started writing just “Ry” on the pictures you color. You’re in the “green group” at school…that means you know all your letters and numbers and can write them well. You’re getting pretty good at holding your sister and you love doing it. You love the Beach Boys. I joke with you at least a few times a week about putting a book on your head to make you stop growing. You giggle every time. You adore your pink sparkly shoes. You’re a little firecracker and you’ve got sass to spare. One of your favorite things to do is take selfies with my phone. The faces you make are priceless. You have become fast friends with the little girl down the driveway, Ruby. You were playing over at her house the other night when her dad called us asking if you could stay for dinner. Your dad & I didn’t know what to do…we weren’t ready for that {especially your dad}. I have a feeling slumber parties are just around the bend.

Reese…4 months. I can’t believe it. You complete this family and we all love you so, so much. The week before last you rolled over…you’d been oh-so-close for week or two and you finally got that arm out of the way. You recently found your thumb. Just last weekend we bought some pacifiers…you’ve been doing pretty well with those. Any time you’re lying on your back you’re grabbing your feet and trying to get your toes in your mouth. You’ve been sleeping through the night since the beginning of October. Your bedtime is about 7:30 PM these days…give or take a 1/2 hour. You just graduated to the “big bottles”. Just last weekend I had to break out the 3-6 month clothes…and I’ve officially packed up your newborn clothes. Girl, you love your groceries! You rarely cry. You are such a happy girl…and so talkative! I jokingly called you a screaming banshee the other night…lucky for you the nickname “banshee” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. You adore your big sister. You’re getting pretty good at reaching for toys and they instantly go straight to your mouth. You’re quite the drool-bug latetly…I hope you’re not teething already. I’m trying to savor every last second with you as a baby because I know just how fast it goes and, unless by some divine intervention, you will be our last baby.

Girls…you continue to amaze me with the way you’re growing and learning. You’re both happy, intelligent, loving girls. I hope that never, ever changes.

I love you both more than words could describe.



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