Life. Lately.

I’m sitting here with the sounds of Sid the Science Kid and the steady drone of the baby swing in the background. I’ve got a snuggly 4 year old keeping my left side warm. A towel that’s been wrapped in my hair for about an hour too long.

And a heart that is overflowing.

These last few days home have all been a blur. As with any brand new baby, there’s been a flurry of feedings and diaper changes. Semi-sleepless nights and naps in the day. Between all that, I’m trying to balance my time with Rylee, making sure she knows I still love her as much as always. We’ve read books together, made a couple of dinners together. We have plans to polish our toe nails during a Baby Sister naptime this week.

After things settle down a bit/we work into our routine as a family of four, I’ll share Reese’s birth story and some other fun stuff.

For now, I’ll leave you with these…

P.S. I haven’t been updating facebook as much lately, but you can follow me on instagram for the latest and greatest pics of my girls…MY GIRLS! @LilMissRysMama

P.P.S. I started this post at about 10 AM…it’s now almost 1 PM…and this is my new reality.

5 thoughts on “Life. Lately.

  1. Angie Matthewson

    Very sweet post. I asked Daphne today if she wanted a baby boy or girl at our house. (She was, as usual, gawking at the infant room at school.) She said, yes. I asked which – she said both. Ha!
    Enjoy your settling in.
    PS – I love the name Reese! :)


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