Belly to Belly

With only 10 weeks to go {yes, TEN! Crazy, I know!} I thought it’d be fun to do a side-by-side comparison of my two pregnancies so far. Kind of fun to see the differences between the two!



Little Sister

Due Date:

May 22, 2008

July 23, 2012





Before conception

Still Undecided

Weight Gain:

~15 lbs.

~ 17 lbs
(I think, my appt is tomorrow)

Morning Sickness:


Lots of nausea in first trimester


None. Ever.

Taco Bell chicken quesadillas and/or anything candy/dessert/sweets related

First Kicks:

Week 20

Week 15

First kicks felt by others:

Week 23

Week 19

Up to pee:

3-4 times/night

1-3 times/night

Maternity Clothes:

22 weeks

20 weeks

Belly Button:

Sometime after 30 weeks…

27 weeks


6 thoughts on “Belly to Belly

  1. suki

    It's interesting to see the comparison! Funny how different they are. Wonder what it tells us about the two when they grow up :)

  2. Linda

    Very fun idea and fun for your readers to see. So interesting how we carry each differently and yet the same sex and this one seems a bit more active (or, active sooner – wonder if that means she will walk sooner???). enjoy your last 10 weeks – your life is really about to change :)

  3. Kelli

    You look amazing! I love how with Ry you were almost perfectly round and with little sister she sticks out more! 10 weeks till you get to meet your baby!


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