Ready for the races…well, mostly.

Oh.My.Gosh. This weekend was gorgeous!

After running some errands and visiting with our “second family” for a while in the morning, we went home, ate lunch and after Ry’s nap we spent the entire rest of the afternoon outside!

We even took Ry’s bike outside. You know…the one she got for Christmas and has been riding it in the house ever since. {Yep, apparently we’re those parents}

Turns out, when you get pretty good at riding your little bike on carpet you’re a rockstar on the road.

But? It also turns out that when you learn to ride your bike on carpet, you have to constantly keep pedaling in order to keep moving forward and that’s not so much the case on the smooth ground. Learning the art of coasting is sort of a tough concept for an almost 4-year-old to grasp.

This would be the look of determination…in case you were wondering. Those fingerless riding gloves kill me!

Ok seriously!? These two and their smiles. I love their excitement here! {And oh yes, that’s my hubby…the poster boy for Pepsi, Carhartt and Crocs. The only thing missing are his Oakley’s.}

More determination. She was pedaling uphill…very serious stuff.

Daring dog was daring. I was totally waiting for him to take one more step and end up completely under water!

Oh yes, and then there’s me…well, my shadow anyway.

It was a perfect day.

I totally overdid it though, because Sunday I woke up and was pretty sore and I had a headache. Boo.

We pretty much took it easy for the day.

But, I did made these creamy chicken taquitos¬†for dinner¬†and let me tell you…SO good and pretty easy. Next time I make them I will be doubling the recipe and freezing some.

2 thoughts on “Ready for the races…well, mostly.

  1. Karey

    LOVE!!! Sounds almost exactly like our weekend (even down to the sore on Sunday and needing to rest). But Saturday?

    Oh, and Rylee seriously *kills* me all padded up like a boss. Way too cute!

    1. Karey

      *Oops, accidently deleted the rest of Saturday… anyway, it was awesome. Obviously. I mean we did find out that there is indeed a SUN out there and what could be better than that after months of wondering? ;)


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