Needed a break

These last two days have been filled with who-knows-how-many different windows on my screen open at once. Checking and cross referencing a master list with a master table of content of over 300 items. Naming files and renaming files and making sure I stay in number sequence. Uploading and downloading and scanning. And, and, and…

Just when I thought my eyeballs might fall out of my head a coworker came into my office and was talking about his new-ish grand daughter and how the stage she’s in in so much fun. Of course once he left, I couldn’t stop thinking about baby-baby-baby. So I opened up my iphoto and started looking through Ry’s baby photos…

I mean really!? That kid killed me with the cute!!

I can’t help but wonder what little miss no-name is going to be like. What color hair will she have? Will it be red like Rylee’s? What about her eyes? I wonder how big she’ll be at birth. Will she be a champion sleeper baby like her big sister?

July will be here before I know it!

2 thoughts on “Needed a break

  1. Anne C

    So do you have any idea about names? Should we have a naming contest? Or we could tell you our favorite names and then you could steal them like Rachel did with Monica's baby name on Friends? Can't wait to hear her name!!!!


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