Easter Weekend

I have no clever title for this post.

Long story short? Easter weekend rocked my socks off! Rylee was, for the most part, a total dream.

So into all things Easter related!

Saturday was filled with grocery shopping and baking and prepping. Rylee helped make strawberry swirl cupcakes before her nap. Then washed up the plastic eggs that she was leaving for the Easter Bunny to stuff with candy and hide while she was sleeping.

Sunday there was church {she was amazing!}, followed by an Easter egg hunt put on by the youth group {she was so stoked!}.


Then back to our house where she finally found the Easter Basket the Easter bunny hid for her {excitement ensued!} then there was family and dinner {home-smoked turkey breast? Yes please!} and lots of time playing outside {hooray for the sun!}.

I didn’t take any photos other than what I snagged on my phone, and you know what? I’m perfectly ok with that. I would much rather be soaking up the family time, the cuddles, the giggles and everything else that makes this girl herself, than running around trying to take the “perfect” shot.

Hope everyone else had a loverly Easter too!

One thought on “Easter Weekend

  1. Karey

    Jeff looked over my shoulder as I was reading this post and he goes, "WOW. I can NOT believe Rylee is that big already! She's adorable!" :) (And for the record: I concured.)


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