On sibling spacing and brutal honesty

When Andy & I talked about having kids we always knew we wanted them to be about 2 years apart.

It just seemed perfect for so many different reasons.

They’d be each others best friends. It wouldn’t be a tough transition for us because we’d be in a constant state of baby. Blah blah blah.

In all that time, I may or may not have forgotten all of our other reasons.

Well, about the time we were due to start trying for baby #2 our life was flipped upside down with a single phone call and after a very brief discussion, we decided it was best to put our baby plans on hold for a year.

It was the responsible thing to do. Having a 3 year gap between kids wouldn’t be so bad.

Well, what ended up being the hardest year of our lives came and went and when it was “time” again, we took a look at our situation and decided, again, that it’d be best to wait.

And again with the responsibility thing.

I’d be lying to your face parts if I told you I wasn’t upset/mad/hurt/resentful about the entire situation, but we made it through another year and then it was time for a little brown chicken, brown cow, if you know what I mean.

And now here we sit, just starting 2012, with baby #2 FINALLY on the way.

Looking back now, I can tell you it was such a hard, but good decision for our family, and not just financially.

I have adored my time with Rylee being just Rylee. We’ve had so many fun adventures as a family of 3 that I know wouldn’t have turned out the same if we’d been toting a little 2-year-younger sibling.

On the flip side, over the last 2 years there have been more occasions than I care to admit where I’ve struggled with Rylee and thought, “there’s no way I’d be able to handle 2 kids right now. Will I be able to handle 2 kids ever!?”

Remember how I’ve said before everything happens for a reason? I totally believe it.

And really, let’s be real, if we’d stuck with our “2-year-spacing” plan, I’d be missing out on conversations like this:

Rylee: Mom, you’ve got a fat belly.
Me: Oh just wait, it’s gonna get a whole lot bigger!
Rylee: {eyes as big as pie plates} WHOA!

Gotta love kids and their brutal, innocent honesty, am I right!?

For the record? I’m only 12 weeks.

Little Monster…


4 thoughts on “On sibling spacing and brutal honesty

  1. Krista

    It is so cool that Rylee can really take part in your pregnancy and the new baby. I'll be honest, the older Chessa gets (and now that she's being sweet to her brother) the more I think I'd love to see her a little older with a baby brother or sister. Of course, it makes me want a third, not regret the second. teehee.


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