More of the Lately’s…

It’s been another whirlwind of a week and so for this Friday I leave you with a bulleted list of “lately”…

  • Earlier this week I wrote a post about one of our cars and dreaming of getting a new one. Then last night? Andy hit a deer with the Buick on his way home from work. And, aside from part of the grill being broken, you cannot.even.tell. I swear that thing is a tank. {side note, the deer is fine too}
  • I’ve had an annoying cold all week. It’s just barely starting to go away.
  • I made my very LAST student loan payment! And 3 years early to boot.
  • I had to re-re-schedule my ultrasound appointment {seriously, the receptionist remembered (and laughed) at me} But now it’s a whole week earlier! The big day is Feb 14!…holy crap that’s like 2 weeks away!
  • We’re in the middle of moving offices…Like, I leave work today at one office, and show up Monday to the new one. It’s totally throwing me for a loop.
  • I drank coffee this morning. And it was good. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I’m finally starting to come out of the “morning” sickness stage.
  • Tonight I’m headed to happy hour with a couple of girlfriends! I cannot wait.

I'm really going to miss this view when I leave work.

And this...just because it makes me smile.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

2 thoughts on “More of the Lately’s…

  1. Karey

    Yay for not getting hurt in the deer incident (although I totally get that "I just wish the car would die already!" feeling – I have it with the GEO, lol). Yay for ultrasound getting moved up!!! I will pray for good weather for you! ;) And I love that picture of Andy and Rylee – seriously, could she be any cuter?? I don't think so!


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