Christmas was perfect in just about every way possible this year.

There was family time.

There was lots (and lots) of good food.

There was laughter.

And there was magic.

I don’t know what it was about this year, age I’m guessing, but something just clicked with Rylee and the Christmas Spirit was alive and well with that little one. It was contagious.

She got more and more excited with every ring we tore off of our Christmas Chain.

She soaked up all the time with her Aunties…loving every minute of it.

She was a rock star during Christmas Eve mass.

At my dad’s house on Christmas Eve she unwrapped a present that was nestled inside a box that one held wine glasses, complete with photos of wine glasses filled with wine on the box and she excitedly proclaimed “I GOT WINE!”.

She handed out “thank you’s” left and right. Made this mama’s heart proud.

We put her in PJ’s before the drive home on Christmas Eve thinking she’d zonk out on the drive. Instead of sawing logs, she decided to singe Jingle Bells over and over and over again, getting louder and louder and louder with each round. The entire way home. Andy and I couldn’t help but laugh.

On Christmas morning she was disappointed that Santa left half of a scone on his plate…as if the 1 1/2 he did eat wasn’t enough. {noted}

At my mom’s house while playing with the hand puppets Grammy had made her she busted out in a maniacal laughter when my sister, playing the pig & the sheep, said she couldn’t go to the park because she had to go to the slaughter house.

While opening gifts over at my in-laws house, she looked her grandma square in the eye and asked her to STOP taking so many pictures of her. {I about died!}

Throughout the Christmas, and the following days, anytime someone asked her what Santa brought her she proudly said “A bike!” Then went on to tell how it was wrapped in a red sheet. Every single time.

There was so much smiling. So much laughing.

Like I said…magical.

The one part I failed at was taking pictures. I took two. The entire weekend.

And you know what? That was ok by me.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas like we did.

One thought on “So…Christmas?

  1. Kelli

    Christmas this year was…just plain magical. Great word. One of the best in many, many years! I am thinking they will only get better from here ;) Love you sister and thanks for the great memories. One of my favorite was "I GOT WINE!" Died!


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