The Sunday Review: Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

To make sure we don’t fall into a “food rut” I’ve decided to try at least one new recipe each week. And to help keep me accountable, I thought I’d do a little recipe review each Sunday.

This week’s new recipe was crock pot buffalo chicken that I had found on Pinterest and heard great things from a lot of other blogger friends.

{Click the image to go to the original recipe} 

Level of Difficulty: SUPER EASY-I used frozen chicken breasts, overall prep took about 5 minutes tops.

What I did different: I only used 4 chicken breasts, not a 3 lb bag. I still used nearly an entire jar of the buffalo sauce. I poured the sauce and ranch packet in first and whisked it together, then put the chicken in. Mine cooked in 4 hours. I was able to shred the chicken right in the crock pot. I never used the butter.

Serving Suggestions: Based on the recommendation of other bloggers that tried it, we added cheese to our sandwiches…because, DUH, cheese makes everything better! We served it with corn. I’m thinking salad would have been a good side for it too.

PROS: This was definitely a crowd pleaser! I was a little apprehensive about it at first because my dad was going to be joining us for dinner and I thought it might be too spicy for him, but he loved it! Another pro: I only used 4 chicken breasts and it easily fed 4 men and me, with leftovers for at least 2 or 3 more sandwiches.

CONS: It only took about 4 hours to cook in the crock pot, so it’s not one you can start in the morning before work.

Will we make it again?: I have a confession, I didn’t really like it…but, the guys all did, so I figure if we have some kind of gathering that will have lots of dudes and I need something easy to throw together, I’ll make it again, but not likely just for our little family of 3.

Next Week? Foil-baked halibut with black beans, corn and chipotle.

You can see what we’ve got planned this week for dinner by checking out my “on the table” tab.

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