Working With Style {4}

It’s the weekend folks! Hooray!, right!?

This week I took a photo almost every day but none of them turned out…it was getting really frustrating. I was able to snag this photo one night after work.

Ok, let’s talk about this outfit for a minute…or, well, nearly all of the outfits I’ve posted thus far. Almost all of my clothes are more than year(s) old. That cami? Yep, pregnant with Ry…4 years ago! The blazer? I bought my senior year of college…so that makes it over 6 years old. The good thing is, I still mostly love them all, and they’re all new to you guys but really…I think I need to refresh some things.

And there’s those shoes again. Apparently I’m in love with brown this fall. And apparently I need to get new shoes.

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10 thoughts on “Working With Style {4}

  1. Tracy @ LWM

    Well I dig the outfit. You would never know that they were older items. And I have that thing with shoes too. I need more shoes! Come up here and let's go on a shoe shopping spree ;)

  2. Life With Ladies

    Fire off that blazer over here if you're over it cause I LURVE it!
    I've juuuuust started to update this past year. It's hard- I can always find cuter clothes for the girls than myself:)

    And I have the same sort of confession- I can throw together an entire outfit of maternity clothes that are still in regular rotation:/

  3. Misty

    High five for still wearing a maternity tank! Seriously, they are just more comfortable to me because I don't have to constantly be yanking them down! I like the blazer!

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      I haven't been to F21 in years…that place scares the shit out of me…too many bitchy teenagers. And loud music. And eensy-weensy mannequins. I should probably suck it up and actually walk in. ;)

  4. Angie Matthewson

    Ha! I have a maternity skirt that I just can't give up! I have to be careful about shirts, so the belly band doesn't show. I LOVE having clothes from years ago. It makes me feel like I really scored in terms of quality … and makes up for those "mistakes."


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