This NEVER Happens…

Seriously…this has never happened.

Quick back story: on the way to take Ry to school yesterday, she asked if we could go play at a park after I picked her up that night. I told her we’d see how the weather was and then decide.

Now, moving on…

Andy was at a Suicide Training Seminar yesterday which meant two things…he’d be done with “work” at 5 PM and he wouldn’t have a 45 minute commute home.

He called me at 4:45 PM saying he was leaving and he’d pick Rylee up. He never gets the chance to pick her up {especially daycare} because he works so late. I told him about my park date promise to Ry and he said he’d take her to play before they came home. Then he asked if that meant I’d stay late at work.

I thought for a minute…I definitely had work I could be doing if I stayed late…but…crap, this has never happened before! So I said, screw it, I’ll leave at 5 too and meet them at the park!

The weather was perfect.

We laughed. We chased. We climbed. We zip-lined. We played.

This is exactly what my soul needed.

13 thoughts on “This NEVER Happens…

  1. Karey

    Awesome. I LOVE days like that (but unfortunately they are few and far between lately). Don't you just love that park, too!? It's perfect for that age!

  2. Andrew

    That's awesome. I know exactly how you feel. It's real tough when work piles up, but when you get opportunities to just say screw it and truly enjoy your family… it's so worth it. :)


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