{Recipe} Chicken Curry in a Hurry

I’d never made chicken curry before…I’m actually not sure if I’d even ever had it before, but I was feeling like we were in a food rut and I wanted to try something new. I was flipping through some old Real Simple magazines and found this recipe. It’s super good and wanted to share.

I’ve made it twice now and of course, I’ve altered the recipe, just a bit, to better fit our style so I wanted to share our version as well. All the ingredients and their amounts are the same.

The first time I used leftover roasted chicken and prepared it just like the recipe called for. The other night when I made it, I didn’t have any leftover chicken, so I actually cubed and cooked it right along with the onion from the very beginning and then sprinkled the curry powder right over all of it. Then continued to prepare as directed.

For the onions, I actually chopped them instead of slicing and leaving in rings. I like them to be more bite-size and hidden, you know? I haven’t used the tomatoes either time I’ve made it. Right before I was ready to dish it up, I stirred the chopped cilantro right into the chicken…I like the cilantro more evenly mixed throughout the dish. And lastly, I served it with jasmine rice instead of just plain white rice. One thing I did find was that I liked to add a little bit more salt and pepper as well.

Bonus: Andy even likes it!

Double Bonus: It makes a great weeknight dinner since it’s really fast!


And, just for fun I’m linking up with Mallorie and her “What’s for Dinner” series!

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