Did you hear? I’m kind of a big deal…

Ok, well, that’s a lie…

I’m not really a big deal, but I do have big exciting news!

{no, I’m not pregnant}

I was recently asked to become a contributing writer for the blog “Liberating Working Moms“!

Liberating Working Moms, or LWM, is all about sharing what being a working mom is all about…“Ultimately, we are a group of moms, trying to get the word out about all the trepidations and rewards that come with being a working momma. It’s liberating to share our journeys of figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s simply best for right now. Though the guise of this blog is under the working momma category, we hope that all moms will find something to read. Because really, all moms are moms. We all struggle. We all have rewards. We all need some advice. And we all have antics to tell about.”

You might remember this post I did about my {lack of} mom guilt. Well, I recently submitted an article for another guest post and Tracy asked if I’d like to come on board as an official contributor! Of course I said yes!!

This means you’ll find me over there a few times a month (along with some other fantastic & talented working mamas)  talking about routines, the coveted “me time”, day care woes, sharing quick weeknight recipes…pretty much all things working-mom. Of course, I’ll still be holding down the day to day over here too!

So, head on over and check out my first post as an “official contributor” where I’m talking about jealousy…just click HERE to go.

I hope you’ll love the community as much as I do!

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