So proud of my girl.

This last weekend I mostly sat on my butt on the couch {possibly more on this later}. No really. I didn’t wash a single dish. Or fold a single piece of laundry. Or cook a single meal. Andy pretty much did everything and I sat on the couch. {side note: Not having cable when you are stuck on the couch SUCKS. Hard.}

Rylee was very good and very sweet all weekend. We played a lot of memory and we did a lot of coloring.

She is becoming so grown up. SO much so. Becoming so deliberate. And so coordinated. And I am so proud of her for the little person she is becoming.

She sort of blows my mind, that girl.

And this? This was no exception. She’s been able to spell her name out loud for quite a while, but last night she decided she wanted to write her name. So we did it together. I will keep this piece of paper for as long as I live.

One thought on “So proud of my girl.

  1. Auntie Kelli

    I love looking back at my baby book and seeing the things I did when I was little. It's pretty cool! And good job Ry! Love you both.


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